• Former president George H.W. Bush is the first U.S. President to turn 94. 
  • Want to buy a ghost town in California? There's one for sale for just $925,000 at 
  • Bode Miller and his wife Morgan are pregnant with their third child together. Sadly, 19-month-old Emeline, their second, drowned in a swimming pool accident on Sunday. 
  • Rose McGowan has been indicted on a felony count of cocaine possession. 
  • Ariana Grande and SNL's Pete Davidson are engaged! Yes, they just started dating in May. 
  • Neil Boyd, the opera singer who won season 3 of "America's Got Talent" died Sunday at the age of 42. He died of an array of diseases pertaining to his weight including heart and kidney failure and liver disease. 
  • While her husband was in Sinapore, Melania Trump went to Ford's Theater in Washington, DC, Sunday night, gave a speech, handed out an award and then went home. 
  • Charitable giving in the U.S. has topped $400 billion for the first time. 
  • Prince Harry and Duchess Megan will make their first official trip together to Australia, Fiji, the Kingdom of Tonga and New Zealand this fall. 
  • The best response to IHOP temporarily changing its name to IHOb with the b standing for 'burgers' comes from Burger King. They responded by changing its logo on Twitter and Facebook to "Pancake King." 
  • Actor Jackson Odell was in treatment for heroin addiction when he died. He was only 20. 
  • If you got your news from the "Trending" feature of Facebook, you'll have to find a new source for your news source. It's gone. 
  • Washington State is now the only state with net neutrality. 
  • Just two weeks after Seattle's city council passed a $275 head tax on workers, they're voting to repeal it after a city-wide backlash.


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