• Planning on doing some serious smooching on Valentine's Day? Or is every day Valentine's Day for you? No matter, here are some fascinating facts about locking lips anytime, anywhere:
  • Did you just indulge in a one-minute kiss? The good news is you also just kissed about 26 calories good-bye.
  • Married folks smooch each other about 4.5 times each day and that includes everything from passionate puckering up to hello and good-bye pecks.
  • Figure you're an average guy or gal? The chances are you'll spend two whole weeks of your life engaged in the act of kissing.
  • The longest lip-lock - a whopping 29 hours long - took place during the Breath Savers Longest Kiss Challenge in 1998 in New York.
  • The longest underwater smooch lasted for two minutes and 18 seconds and took place in Tokyo on April 2, 1980.
  • The most kissy-face movie was - surprise - Don Juan, in which Mary Astor and Estelle Taylor got smooched 127 times total from John Barrymore.
  • The official scientific name for kissing - wrap your lips around this one: philematology.
  • It's against the law for a mustachioed man in Indiana to "habitually" kiss other folks.
  • In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, it's illegal to buss a stranger.
  • Back in the day, way back, as in Fourth-century Europe, kissing a statue was a widely practiced way of honoring it.


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