• The number one thing other drivers do that annoys us the most is texting while driving. Tailgating is number two.
  • A study says that each hour of sitting every day increases the chance of heart disease.
  • 11% of women have turned down a date with a man because of too many tattoos.
  • A recent poll says that 45% of women under 45 make their bed every day.
  • 42% of parents allow their daughters to wear nail polish before they are ten.
  • When kids were asked what they hate to hear their parents say. The #1 answer was "money doesn't grow on trees." Number two was "we'll see."
  • According to a survey, naked people in the locker room talking to you is the second biggest pet peeve when at the gym. People taking selfies is number one.
  • Eggs are number two. Peanuts are number three. But what's the number one food we are allergic to? Milk.


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