T.I. and Tiny have zero interest in filming "Family & Hustle" without one of their own ... so they've shut down production following a bad car crash involving the rapper's sister. Sources close to production tell TMZ ... T.I. and Tiny halted production Wednesday after learning the rapper's sister, Precious Harris, got in a serious car accident in Atlanta earlier that morning. It's unclear what led to the car crash but here's what we know ... sources say Precious hit a pole, which triggered an asthma attack. The 66-year-old -- who often appears on the show -- was taken to a hospital where she's now in ICU. Her exact condition is unknown. Were told Tip and Tiny were devastated and decided it was best not to move forward until Precious pulled through. T.I.'s incredibly close to his sister and so is Tiny. For Precious' 66th birthday bash last May, Tiny gave her a shout-out and said, "I hope you know how much u mean to me. Always been my road dawg. Love u much! Hope you enjoyed your day!!" #Prayers. (TMZ)

John Mulaney to host 'SNL' again. Writer-comedian John Mulaney will host NBC's "Saturday Night Live" on March 2, joined by musical guest Thomas Rhett. The announcement was made during Saturday's telecast hosted by Don Cheadle. This will be the second hosting stint for former "SNL" writer Mulaney whose first turn in April 2018 was well received, as was Mulaney's recent appearance on "Weekend Update" alongside Pete Davidson. Mulaney is one of only three former "SNL" non-cast member writers to host the show, along with Larry David and Conan O'Brien. Mulaney, who is part of the voice cast of Netflix's animated comedy series "Big Mouth," headlined his own short-lived Fox sitcom "Mulaney" and won an Emmy Award for writing the 2018 comedy special "John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City." (PageSix)

Kim Zolciak-Biermann's 17-year-old daughter Ariana Biermann was in tears on Sunday's Don't Be Tardy, as she opened up about the insecurities she was feeling over her body. The teenager got candid about her struggles when she tried on prom dresses, in a scene filmed for the Bravo show last March, when she was 16. "My ideal prom dress is to just have something that shows off more of my waist, because that's about the only tiny thing I have on me," Ariana said, in a self-deprecating comment. "It's horrifying." Breaking down as she tried on potential gowns, Ariana sobbed that she didn't like her body's shape. "I look like a teapot," she said -- pointing to her mother's slim figure. "This is [a size 8]! Your stomach is like, a size 4." Kim attempted to comfort her daughter, explaining, "I paid for a stomach!" "You're beautiful," Kim said. "I love you, you're beautiful the way you are. You have to accept yourself." "I definitely think that Ariana's gotten a little more self-conscious about her appearance. She's 16. Nothing looks right, nothing fits right," Kim told audiences. "Oh my god, it breaks my heart. But this is my time to encourage her. You know, believe in yourself. You're beautiful. Embrace it." Her words didn't help Ariana, who lamented about her height ("I am 5'2; this is for someone who is like, 5'9!") and how the dress caused spillage in her bustline. "It's all this right here," she told her mom and sister Brielle Biermann. "I don't want that! You've been skinny your whole life, you don't get it. ... I don't look skinny in that dress, I don't." To help, Kim tried on Ariana's dress -- showing that, though she appeared to have a skinny waist, even she couldn't fit into the gown. "You're sadly mistaken." Kim said, "My tits are five times your size. I cannot zip it. So, you think you're so fat? [You're wrong]." In the end, Kim's tactic seemed to work. "I feel better about myself now that my mom can't fit into it because I feel like she's so tiny and if she can't fit into it, then maybe we're not so different in size," Ariana said. She ended up choosing a strapless floral dress with a fitted bodice and flowing A-line skirt. "Knowing that I can eat anything that I want and my food baby won't be showing is what really helped me make my decision," she joked. Ariana also admitted in the episode that she's been making more of an effort on her style lately. "I went through puberty," she told her sister, later denying claims that she was copying Brielle and Kim's lookalike style. "I think I realize that I just feel prettier with makeup on than when I dress up. Rather than just wearing basketball shorts. ... I don't know why I ever wore those. I just like the lashes and my hair done. I'm just a girl. I just want to be me -- the prettiest girl that has ever been me." Her mom was glad to see her daughter's joy. "She's always been the light of my life, even through the hardest times," Kim said. "I love that she's really happy and I'm extremely proud of her." Later, Ariana and Brielle, 21, both confronted Kim over her skin-bearing wardrobe. "You should be wearing something that mom's wear, like Vineyard Vines," Ariana said. "No they wear those slack looking pants," Brielle added, enthusiastically. Kim wasn't having it. "Not happening," she said. "Don't you think I look good for 40?" "I'm very thankful," she added. "Like, I still have the chance to wear something sleezy at 40." Don't Be Tardy airs Sundays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo. (People)

The woman accusing LeSean McCoy of masterminding a violent robbery at her Georgia home is now trying to take her story to TV ... and she's not alone. TMZ Sports has learned Delicia Cordon -- along with Evelyn Lozada, Josie Harris and Micaela Sanchez -- are all working on a TV project about surviving abuse. Cordon is currently suing the NFL running back -- claiming he orchestrated the July 2018 incident when someone broke into her home and pistol-whipped her while stealing valuables. McCoy has denied all wrongdoing. Evelyn Lozada married NFL star Chad Ochocinco in July 2012 -- but filed for divorce 6 weeks later when he headbutted her during an argument. Josie Harris was attacked by her baby daddy Floyd Mayweather in 2010. Floyd was convicted and spent 2 months in jail for domestic violence. Micaela Sanchez has a child with Baltimore Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith. They're locked in a legal battle because she claims he's been violent towards her. He's adamantly denied her allegations. We're told the series was partially inspired by "Surviving R. Kelly" -- and producers are still looking for other women to join the project. Sources tell us producers are currently speaking with TV networks and other digital media outlets in hopes of making a deal. (TMZ)

BBC Drama 'Life on Mars' to Get Chinese Remake. The remake will be made by Beijing-based Phoenix Entertainment Group, producer of the hit Chinese detective drama 'Night and Day,' which was acquired by Netflix last year. China's Phoenix Entertainment Group is partnering with the BBC to create a Mandarin-language version of the British public broadcaster's hit drama Life on Mars. Preproduction on the series will start this year, with Phoenix expected to eventually shoot 24 episodes of the Chinese-language version of the show. The original Life on Mars aired on BBC One in 2006, eventually winning both a BAFTA and an Emmy. The show, starring John Simm and Philip Glenister, followed a present-day detective who is mysteriously transported back in time after experiencing a near-fatal accident. The Chinese version of the drama will be based in the boom times of 1990s Beijing, a period of surging economic growth and increasing cultural openness. "The Chinese version of Life on Marswill reflect this remarkable era of change, conflict and challenges," the BBC and Phoenix said in a joint statement. The deal was unveiled during the BBC's annual BBC Studios Showcase in Liverpool. Beijing-based Phoenix TV is known for producing high-quality dramas for China's leading streaming platforms. The company scored a critical and commercial hit in 2017 with Day and Night, a detective drama produced for Alibaba's Youku video platform. Critically praised and commercially huge in China, the show generated billions of views on Youku and later was acquired by Netflix. "Life on Mars drew our interest because of its originality and superb storytelling," said Bihai Wu, vp and general manager of Phoenix Entertainment. "BBC Studios offers a great range of dramas that match our ambitions to produce captivating, first-class dramas for the fast growing Chinese SVOD market and their discerning audiences." (Hollywood Reporter)

Japan's NHK Buys Remake Rights to BBC Drama 'Mistresses'. A local version of the show is set to air beginning in April in the public broadcaster's prime drama slot. Japan's public broadcaster NHK has bought the remake rights to Mistresses from its British counterpart the BBC. It is the first acquisition of a British scripted format by NHK and the first sale of any format by BBC Studios to the Japanese broadcaster. The deal was unveiled Monday at the annual BBC Studios Showcase in Liverpool, the biggest international content market hosted by a single distributor, which is running through Wednesday. "We are excited to reproduce the successful British drama Mistresses as a locally relevant version to bring to Japanese audiences," said Takahisa Goto of NHK Enterprises. Said Geo Lee, general manager of North East Asia for BBC Studios: "The growing popularity of British drama in the region has sparked a trend for scripted formats and BBC Studios' scripted catalogue is meeting their demands for high-quality, relatable dramas." The 10-part series, titled Mistresses � Those Women's Secrets, will begin airing in April on NHK's main channel General TV in its main drama slot. Adapted by screenwriter Noriko Yoshida and Rie Yokota, the drama follows the complex personal lives of a group of 30-something girlfriends. It will star Kyoko Hasegawa as Kaori Shibazaki (Katie), Miki Mizuno as Tomomi Noguchi (Trudi), Hyonri as Saeko Harada (Siobhan) and Aya Omasa as Juri Mizushima (Jessica). The original six-part series, produced by Ecosse Films for the BBC, aired in early 2008 on BBC One. Mistresses has already been sold to the U.S., Russia, Slovakia and South Korea. (Hollywood Reporter)


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