Golf was first demonstrated in America way, way back in 1888

-- Men's Health asks, "Are you the Bogey Man? Or just teed off?" See how you're fairing on the fairway.
  • Age at which the average guy starts playing golf: 29.
  • The average guy's 18-hole handicap: 16 over par. What he'd settle for: 13 over.
  • Distance the average guy can drive the ball: 200 yards.
  • Total amount of golf related expenses the average executive charges to his company annually: $1,485.
  • Number of execs would let a client beat them if they thought it would help them get business: 1 in 5.
  • Number of Fortune 500 CEOs who chat at golf: 1 in 3.
  • Golf balls he'll lose in the water, the woods, or thin air: 4,735.
  • Number-one golf-course related injury: Hit by a golf ball.
  • Odds the average guy will hit a hole in one: 1 in 26,500.
  • Percentage of male golfers who'd rather get a whole in one than see their child hit a home run: 10.
  • The average guy's most common complaint about course conditions: Greens are too slow.
  • The average guy's favorite golf movie: "Caddyshack." Runner-up: "Happy Gilmore."
  • Number who have crashed a golf cart: 1 in 3.
  • Percentage of men who admit that they've teed off from the women's tee: 6.
  • Percentage who think they could beat a female pro golfer (playing from the women's tee): 12.
  • Number of men who'd rather have a great round of golf than a great night of sex: 3 in 10.
  • Percentage of men who fantasize about having sex on the golf course: 75.


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