Cecily Strong, of "Saturday Night Live" and the "Ghostbusters" reboot, turns 35 today. Her very first film was titled, "How to Sponsor a Uterus."

Seth Green turns 45 today. We're going to go easy on him, since Dr. Evil is his dad. Despite being the son of Dr. Evil. He's gone from being Dr. Evil's kid in "Austin Powers" to being Peter Griffin's kid Chris in "Family Guy."

Vince Neil of Motley Crue turns 58 today... somehow.

John Grisham turns a dramatic 64 today.
I'm sure his birthday book will be a page-turner.
He wanted to be a baseball player and even after getting his law degree, did missionary work for his church.
He wrote "The Firm" and "The Client" and neither of them wrote him back.

Mary Steenburgen turns 66 today. She's Ted Danson's sig other and loves to run her fingers through his hair, whether he's home or not.

Nick Nolte turns 78 today, although he's looked it for years. I think his one time mug shot should receive some kind of lifetime achievement award.


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