It's the 19th of February. Only 9 days left in the month.

Today's full moon is a Super Snow Moon, the biggest Super Moon of the year. While technically at full during the day, it will still be impressive once the sun goes down.

Millie Bobby Brown from "Stranger Things" turns 15 today. Probably the one neighbor girl you wouldn't want to hire as a sitter.

David Mazouz turns 18 today. If you watch the series, "Gotham", he plays the part of Bruce Wayne. If you don't watch the series, he still plays the part of Bruce Wayne.

Benicio Del Toro turns 52 today.
For goodness sake, get him whatever he wants for his birthday -- we don't want to make him mad.
He plans a nice, quiet evening at home, unless it's a full moon.
For those who don't speak Spanish, his name means Benicio of Toro.

Justine Bateman turns 53 today. Of course, you remember her as Mallory from the 80's sitcom, "Family Ties." Most recently, she's appeared in "Men Behaving Badly."

Seal turns 56 today. Or, for those who prefer more than one name, Heidi Klum's ex. He might get a Kiss from a Rose, but not from Heidi Klum today.

Prince Andrew of England turns 59 today. There was a time his nickname was Randy Andy. These days, it's "Raggity."

Jeff Daniels turns 64 today. I don't remember which one he was: Dumb or Dumber

Smokey Robinson turns 79 today. He doesn't like going places these days. Too many "No Smokey" sections. I'm fairly sure the Smokey Mountains were named after him. Or not.

National Chocolate Mint Day --


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