Selena Gomez is back in the studio, and the timing couldn't be more perfect -- 'cause, as of this week, Ariana Grande's more relevant ... on Instagram, anyway. Selena was seen leaving a recording studio in L.A. Tuesday night, and ya gotta imagine she hopped into the booth and laid down some tracks. It's been more than 3 years since she released a solo album, even if she's been featured here and there with folks like Cardi B. Funny enough ... as Selena was in that studio, AG surpassed her fellow pop star in IG followers to become the most followed woman, if only barely. On Tuesday, Ariana reportedly hit 146,286,173 compared to Selena's 146,267,801. Both ladies got nothin' on Cristiano Ronaldo, though ... who's sitting pretty at 156M-plus followers. Speaking of Ariana, she was seen leaving a rehearsal Tuesday in Calabasas as she prepares to head out on tour. Followers or not ... the hustle never seems to stop in this biz. Not to compare these talented ladies, but they've simply had a much different past couple years ... although neither has escaped hardship. Selena received mental health treatment last year after having an emotional breakdown. She also had a major surgery in 2017 for a kidney transplant. As for Ari, she lost her ex-BF, Mac Miller, to an accidental overdose, and split with her fiance, Pete Davidson. Here's hoping Selena's got new tunes on the horizon. It'd be great to hear her over the airwaves again. (TMZ)

Why Fans Think Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Are Collaborating. Are Taylor Swift and Katy Perry teaming up for a new song?! Ever since T.Swift first hinted at her "next chapter," fans of the 29-year-old singer have been sharing theories about a possible seventh album. In recent days, Swift has increased her social media activity, with many Swifties believing her posts are clues about her new music. On Sunday afternoon, Swift shared a filtered photo of the Los Angeles skyline, captioning the post with seven palm tree emojis. Seven palm trees for her seventh album, perhaps? Many fans believe that Swift has previously hinted at the palm trees theme, once at Coachella in 2016 and again in her reputation magazine cover, on which she dons a jacket with palm trees on it. Swift posted another social media photo on Sunday night, showing her dressed up to attend the after-parties for the 2019 Oscars. In the social media snap, Swift appeared to be sitting on the sixth step of a staircase. Then on Monday, Swift returned to social media to share a photo of herself looking through a gate...a gate with five holes. This led Swifties to believe that their favorite singer had started a countdown...but to what exactly? And what does this all have to do with Katy Perry? Swift and Perry have a long history together, one that started as a friendship and eventually led to a feud over a stadium tour and a song about "Bad Blood." But, as T.Swift was starting her reputation tour, Perry sent her an olive branch and a card, addressed to an "old friend." The peace offering seemingly marked an end to the duo's feud, with fans hoping that the singers would one day collaborate. Well, it just so happens that Perry recently shared a photo of herself alongside palm trees, fueling collab speculation. Many social media users have commented #TS7 on the post, adding palm tree emojis. "Not trying to be loud.....but olive branches and palm trees are both symbols for peace," social media user @swiftspam tweeted. "Are we getting a taylor swift and katy perry collab I NEED TO KNOW." It was shortly after receiving the olive branch from Perryh that Swift attended the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, where she walked the red carpet in a stunning Atelier Versace dress. After seeing pics of Swift's dress, many fans noticed that the word "eternal" seemed to be written in the embroidery, a possible theme for her album. Also, remember that reputation jacket we were talking about earlier? In addition to palm trees, flamingos also appeared on the jacket. Photos of the magazine covers were released in Aug. 2017. One month later, Perry posted a photo to Instagram...with a flamingo. But, while there very well could be a collab coming, Swift has yet to confirm anything. We'll all just have to continue to check her social media for more possible #TS7 hints! (Eonline)

Singer Sammie says women want his music played during sex. R&B singer Sammie sometimes has to mic business with pleasure. "Girls have requested my music during sex," he told Page Six, as he prepares to release his fourth album, "Everlasting." "It's kind of weird. But I have done it. Women have asked me to sing while doing it, and that is even more creepy." He added, "I don't create [sexy music] for myself. I create it to set the mood for others." His songs that are most often requested in the bedroom, he told us, are "Wetter" and "Tsunami." The new album comes out on Friday, which is also the "I Like It" singer's 32nd birthday. (PageSix)


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