How would you like to be a Guest Disc Jockey on Desert Radio AZ?

Desert Radio AZ - KDAZ-DB is a registered digital radio station #16988129 (KDAZ-DB) under the authority of INTERNET RADIO UNIFORM CALL SIGN, 1918 BOULEVARD SAINT REGIS. DORVAL - QC H9P 1H6 - CANADA. All ASCAP, BMI, SOUNDSTAGE AND OTHER PERFORMANCE FEES are paid by Romeo St.Pierre Productions LLC.

Desert Radio AZ entertains a World Wide audience and plays an eclectic mix of Classic Rock, Today’s Country, Oldies, Comedy, Family Friendly Hip Hop, News & Information.

Submitting A Guest Disc Jockey Show for airing on Desert Radio AZ

A Disc Jockey’s show’s content must be 26 minutes in length, MP3 file format at 192K. If you plan on doing a longer show your show still has to be submitted in 26 minute segments. These segments will be scheduled in sequential order. So please number your segments. A music playlist must also accompany your show so the proper ASCAP, BMI, SOUNDSTAGE AND OTHER PERFORMANCE FEES can be paid.

You can use Audio Editing software (Audacity, Audition or Garage Band) to produce your show segments and export to a 192k MP3 File. If you want to do interviews we recommend using Skype with a compatible Skype recording software (like Pamela for Skype) to record your interviews and incorporate them into your show segments. Email your 26 minute show segments & playlist to

If you don’t have any of the software or hardware to produce a show we can produce one for you. All you need is a cell phone with voice recording software. Develop a script of what you want to say during your show segments and read that script into your cell phone recorder. Be sure to hold the cell phone approximately 8 inches away from your mouth. Also do this recording in a closet that’s full of clothes, this will improve the recording. Email your sound clips to with a music playlist (We’ll include your music selections in your show) and any other instructions like placing your voice over a music ramp. We will then take your clips and produce a professional sounding radio show. For more information email


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