Jennifer Lopez Reveals She Whispered Advice to Bradley Cooper Before He Sang at Oscars. Not even Bradley Cooper is above a little stage fright. The actor, who was up for three Oscars at the 91st Academy Awards for A Star Is Born, impressed the crowd with an intimate performance of "Shallow" with costar Lady Gaga but not before receiving a word of advice from Jennifer Lopez. "He seemed a little nervous," Lopez revealed in an Instagram Live with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez Sunday night. "I just whispered, I said, 'The song is so beautiful. When they hear the first few notes, they're going to start applauding. So don't worry. Just deliver the song.' He was like, 'I got it, I got it, okay.'" Lopez, who was on hand at the ceremony to present alongside Chris Evans, gushed over the pair's "amazingly beautiful, intimate performance" and said it was "so special" to have a front-row seat to the magic. The World of Dance judge, 49, added that she thought the night's toughest category was Best Actor, which eventually went to Bohemian Rhapsody's Rami Malek. "Anyone could have won and it would have been like, 'Oh yeah, of course,'" she said. "Shallow" went on to win the trophy for Best Original Song, earning Gaga her first Oscar, though Cooper, 44, went home empty-handed. The "Bad Romance" singer, 32, seemed pleased by the performance too, as she wrote on Twitter Monday, "Nothing could be more special than sharing this moment at the Oscars with a true friend and artistic genius." Just as Lopez did for Cooper, Gaga said he offered her an encouraging message of his own before they took the stage together. "One of the hardest things in life is to be brave enough to be yourself. I wish to everyone that is going to that celebration to feel a joy inside of them," she recalled to reporters. "That's actually what Bradley said to me yesterday, right before we did our last rehearsal for this performance of 'Shallow,' He said, "Let's just drop a little bit of joy." And I said, 'Okay,' And turns out, joy did a whole lot for me." Producer Mark Ronson, who cowrote the track and also picked up an Oscar, stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday and revealed it was Cooper's idea for him and Gaga to make their dramatic stage entrance right from their front-row seats. "I think he had a specific vision. I heard Lady Gaga talking about it, so I think it was his thing," Ronson said. "That probably might be the only time they ever perform that song together so it made it feel really special." (People)

Zachary Quinto and Miles McMillan Break Up After Almost 6 Years Together. Zachary Quinto and Miles McMillan are no more. A source confirmed to E! News on Tuesday that the couple split up after nearly six years together. Neither Quinto nor McMillan has posted photos on social media of their significant other in some time. Most of McMillan's most recent photos involve snuggling with his dogs or traveling to far-flung places. The last time the 29-year-old model uploaded a picture with his beau occurred in June at the 2018 Tony Awards. He captioned a snapshot of them on the red carpet, "Last night at the Tonys with my one and only!" On Quinto's birthday in June, McMillan paid tribute by calling him "my favorite" and adding, "I love you forever and ever!!" They celebrated their five-year anniversary in June. The Star Trek star traveled to Los Angeles over the weekend for the 2019 Oscars and stayed with Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband Justin Mikita. The two of them, not McMillan, were his "Oscar squad." Quinto attended Vanity Fair's Oscars after-party , whereas McMillan stopped by Elton John's AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party. Quinto's last reference of his now-ex on social media happened in October. The 41-year-old shared a "blind drawing" of McMillan that he made on a cafe's paper placemat. On June 27, he praised McMillan on his birthday and called him "the most beautiful person I know." The Heroes star and McMillan were first seen out together in 2013. According to People, they moved in together in 2015. Architectural Digest even featured their bright and spacious New York City pad in May 2018. There were some murmurs of an engagement in 2016 when Quinto was spotted wearing a band on his ring finger, but he quickly put those to rest. (Eonline)

Bella Thorne Splits From YouTube Star Tana Mongeau After 1 Year. They were once three peas in a pod, but now it looks like there is only room for two in Bella Thorne's love life. After months of speculation, the actress took to Twitter on Tuesday to reveal that she and YouTuber Tana Mongeau are no longer in a relationship. "Tana and I aren't together anymore, pls stop asking," the star kindly asked her followers. Likewise, Tana confirmed the news on Twitter and told her legions of fans: "i love her forever don't get that twisted. she changed my life forever. don't rly wanna talk on it.. there's no negativity at all." It appears that their other partner, Mod Sun, continues to date Thorne. Their relationship comes to an end over a year after Tana joked on Twitter that she wanted to date Bella, which would be the beginning of their unconventional love story. Randomly enough the two girls ran into each other days later at the Life Is Beautiful music festival, where they shared a steamy kiss that was later shared to social media. People immediately accused the stars of orchestrating the PDA for a PR stunt and while it was, Tana said she was "instantly" mesmerized by the former Disney Channel star. "For me, it was very much instant infatuation, instant obsession, and my entire life became Bella, Bella, Bella," the star gushed on a vlog titled "the truth about my relationships, break ups, and sexuality." On their one-year anniversary, Tana shared a heartfelt message to her Instagram praising her girlfriend for always believing in her. She emotionally wrote, "What started with a viral kissing pic turned to you being the love of my life.. you swept me up and introduced me to your entire world, you made my wildest dreams happen." Despite their deep feelings for one another, both women continued to date other men, with Bella eventually getting into a serious relationship with Mod Sun. Tana admitted on her vlog that there was initially some "tension," but she gradually moved past those feelings. Eventually, Tana came to see Mod as a close friend. For Halloween the "throuple" even coordinated their Halloween costumes. It is unclear why the pair split, but Tana said on Twitter that she will be happy as long as Bella is. (Eonline)

Sarah Michelle Gellar is showing some support for her longtime pal Selma Blair. Following an emotional week where Blair made her appearance and did her first television interview since revealing she had multiple sclerosis, Gellar wrote a touching tribute to her Cruel Intentions costar on Instagram. Speaking to Blair's busy week at the Oscars and Good Morning America, Gellar, 41, said she was immensely proud of her friend for how she has responded to the difficult circumstances. "This is my dear friend @selmablair," she began in the post on Monday. "Last night she stood on the world stage for the first time, since being diagnosed with MS. And later this week, she is taking an even bigger step, and speaking publicly on @goodmorningamerica (with, my girl crush @robinrobertsgma )" "To say I'm proud, would be a gross understatement," she continued. "When I have a cold, I want to hide from the world under my covers. But not Selma. She is facing this diagnosis, the way she faces everything, with dignity, grace and head on." "I know the support and encouragement that she has received on this platform has truly been a source of strength for her," Gellar finished. "This is not an easy journey, but Selma will not let this define her. I love you James." In response to the sweet message, Blair, 46, sent affection back to her pal. "I love you so dearly." This is not the first time that Gellar has shown support for her Cruel Intentions costar. After revealing in October 2018 that she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Gellar sweetly wrote to Blair, "I love you, I'm proud of you, and there is nothing I wouldn't do for you." On Sunday, Blair made her first public appearance at the Oscars since revealing her MS diagnosis. The actress appeared at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party in Beverly Hills wearing a pink, mint green, ice blue, and black dress while carrying a custom cane to support her movement. "This is love," she wrote on Instagram of her cane, personalized with her own monogram. "How did I get so lucky?" "I wanted a special cane for #vanityfair dinner," she continued. "So... @lyon_heartedwent out and found patent leather and @bic_owen and he stitched it on. Hours of love put in. And then #tombachick made it especially magical. I burst into tears. These gifts to get me through. #subtle #chic #love. I can't thank Two days later, the actress appeared on Good Morning America, where she spoke to Robin Roberts about her health and revealed that she was in the midst of a flare-up, and was experiencing spasmodic dysphonia, a neurological disorder which affected her voice. "I am doing very well," said Blair, 46. "I am very happy to see you. Being able to just put out what being in the middle of an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis is like. So, my speech, I have spasmodic dysphonia right now. ... It is interesting to be here to say this is what my particular case looks like right now." Opening up about first receiving the diagnosis after seeking out numerous doctors, Blair said she "cried." "I had tears," she explained. "They weren't tears of panic, they were tears of knowing that I now had to give in to a body that had loss of control and there was some relief in that." Blair also recalled the interaction she had with her 7-year-old son Arthur after telling him the news, who asked if it would kill her, and explained how she sought out advice from Michael J. Fox, who has lived with Parkinson's disease in the public eye for decades. "I said, 'I don't know who to tell, I'm dropping things, I'm doing strange things.' ... he got in touch with me... but like really he gives me hope," she said. Though Blair was initially "scared of talking," she was hopeful that her appearance brings awareness to the disease. And because her doctor said she could regain 90 percent of her abilities within the next year, Blair hoped to reunite with Roberts in 2020 to measure her progress. Joked the smiling star to GMA, "No one has the energy to talk when they're in a flare-up, but I do because I love a camera." (People)

Taylor Kinney Likes a Shady Comment About Lady Gaga on Instagram. For some Hollywood shade, look no further than Taylor Kinney's Instagram feed. The Chicago Fire star spurred headlines when people noticed a comment on a recent photo he posted dissing the new Oscar winner. "Stoked you got away from Gaga," a fan wrote to the star. "#Hollyweird." Kinney's response? He "liked" the comment! Make of that what you will. Gaga's Little Monsters are well aware of their romantic history, but for those who have not followed along as closely, the two met on the set of the music video for her 2011 track, "You and I." They began dating and, in 2015, Kinney proposed on Valentine's Day. The couple became a red carpet staple during the 2016 award season as Gaga celebrated the success of her performance in American Horror Story. However, by July, E! News confirmed the couple had called it quits. Just a day later, Gaga addressed the reports, giving the impression that it wasn't over for good. "Taylor and I have always believed we are soulmates. Just like all couples we have ups and downs, and we have been taking a break," she captioned a photo of them together on Instagram. "We are both ambitious artists, hoping to work through long-distance and complicated schedules to continue the simple love we have always shared. Please root us on. We're just like everybody else and we really love each other." By that fall, Gaga dropped the first single, "Perfect Illusion," off of her newest album, Joanne. "This video is a performance of a song that I wrote of that moment about how I feel, but how I'm sure he's felt sometimes, how you have felt sometimes, how other people feel in relationships, how I see my friends struggle and become just full of rage and anger as they try to figure out how to date during a time when everybody's sort of creating these perfect illusions of themselves on the Internet and nobody really knows what's real and what isn't," she explained to E! News. "It's about all of that." A few months later, she was spotted kissing ex-fiance Christian Carino during Super Bowl weekend in 2017, at the time ending any hopes of a reunion with Kinney. It was recently confirmed the triple threat and talent agent have broken up. Despite his recent unexpected Instagram shade, Kinney has always had amicable things to say publicly about his ex and her continued success. When E! News caught up with the actor in October 2018 just as A Star Is Born was released, Kinney candidly commented though he admitted he hadn't seen it. "I can only wish her the best," he said. "I'm really proud." (Eonline)

Offset blames 'the blogs' for 'insecurities' at home. Offset has a lot of thoughts about how he's portrayed in the media. The rapper, who just released his debut solo album "Father of 4," told GQ that he is often painted as the "bad guy" on internet sites that can't stop talking about his relationship with wife Cardi B. He raps about blogs being "after" him on the song "North Star." "I'm 27, I'm a young guy, we done stepped into some things we didn't really know too much about," he told the men's magazine. "We love each other and everything, but it's like, we was going through a separation -- both of us are artists on top too -- so when certain blogs would lie or say something that wasn't true, I would still become the bad guy somehow. I don't get why it can't just be: I f--ked up, I made my say, and we moved past that sh-t." Offset and Cardi B did go through a period of separation at the end of 2018. He says he never cheated on Cardi B but thought about it. He says the incessant chatter about the matter may have caused more harm than good ultimately creating "insecurities" in his home. "That's my family going through it," he explained. "Blogs are doing it for the views and comments. Blogs be knowing when it's bullsh-t, and when it's true sh-t. Just keeping it all the way 1000. When it be bullsh-t, they still run with it as if it's true sh-t." As for his social media apology and infamous onstage apology with roses he says, "When I do my apology, I'm doing it for my family, bro. It's not for you." Offset, who is the proud father of four kids, says it's a must he keeps his family close in the public eye. "I'm growing as a man, I'm educating myself," he added. "The blogs just trying to be shooting n -- -s down all day, bro." As for the negative speculation that comes with the spotlight, Offset advises, "Keep that to yourself. I can't go in your living room and tell you how your step daddy is f--ked up because he did this or that. I would never do that. So that song is just a personal song. I gotta be strong through stuff, because I'm the man, I got to hold my family up, even if they slip up or trip because of me." (PageSix)

Ben Affleck's setting a shining example of how to not let a parking ticket -- or two -- ruin your day ... even when the meter woman is also dishing marriage advice and backhanded compliments. The ex-Caped Crusader got in a little trouble Tuesday as he was leaving a Starbucks in Brentwood -- he already had a ticket on his windshield for an expired meter, and was in the process of getting another one for expired tags on his classic Chevy Chevelle SS. Ben didn't let it get him down, though. He and the parking enforcement officer chatted it up about cars while she was writing him up, and to show there were no hard feelings at all ... he got a hug out of her before he left. That's when she hit Affleck with a "You look better in person," and voiced her opinion on his relationship history ... he took it all in stride. At least it sounds like she likes his post-rehab look. (TMZ)

The 100 Star Bob Morley Addresses "Fat Shame" on Social Media, Opens Up About Depression. The 100's Bob Morley has a message for those who are criticizing his image and took to Twitter for the first time in more than a month to share it. "'Fat shame' me all you want, knee surgery, not being able to walk and depression that ensues doesn't come close to your opinions," Morley tweeted. "Love and respect, be kind, be well." Morley appeared at a convention in Paris on February 23 and 24. In some photos from the event, as well as behind-the-scenes photos from The 100 set, Morley can be seen using a cane. This was his first tweet since marking the end of his time as a director on The 100 in January. "Sometimes the gratitude you feel for others overwhelms you, and platitudes don't cut it. Wrapping as a director on #The100 I cannot even come close to the heartwarming love I feel for the crew, writers and cast of this show. Be kind, be well," Morley wrote in January 2019. Following his return to Twitter in February 2019, several of Morley's costars came to his defense. American Horror Story and The 100 star Adina Porter posted a note for Morley. The 100 returns for its sixth season on Tuesday, April 30 at 9 p.m. on The CW. (Eonline)

TMZ has the audio of Pete Davidson skillfully handling a heckler who tried to jab at the comedian's personal life by yelling out Mac Miller's name at a highly inappropriate time. The 'SNL' star was performing Monday night at the South Orange Performing Arts Center in New Jersey when he started the setup for a joke, saying ... "My friend died in my apartment." That's when some tool in the audience yelled, "Mac Miller?" Listen to the audio ... Pete immediately stopped everything and urged the crowd to point out the "f***face" so security could remove him. He refused to continue the show until the guy was tossed ... which he did once the audience dimed him out. As you know ... Mac died of an accidental drug overdose in September, and he previously dated Ariana Grande. She later got engaged to Pete. Her grief over Mac was part of the reason she and Pete split. Davidson made sure the heckler got his money back -- because he said he didn't want it -- and reeled the crowd back in ... with a Dane Cook joke. Well played. (TMZ)

Ty Dolla $ign's scored a huge win in his Georgia drug possession case -- his record will be wiped clean, IF he keeps his nose clean for the next few months. According to court docs obtained by TMZ, Atlanta prosecutors struck a deal last week with the rapper: he'll enter an online drug prevention program and lay off weed and Rx drugs ... then all charges -- 2 felonies and a misdemeanor -- will vanish. Georgia calls it the Second Chance program, and we're told it typically lasts 13 weeks. Ty will also be subject to random drug testing during the program. You'll recall ... an Atlanta grand jury indicted Ty after cops busted him back in September, allegedly finding pot and cocaine in his bag. Sources connected to the case tell us the deal was struck after Ty's attorney, Steve Sadow, met with prosecutors to point out weaknesses in the case. Based on the end result, it appears that's mission accomplished. (TMZ)

R. Kelly could soon come face-to-face with the family of one his alleged "sex slaves" at Chicago's Trump Tower -- but only if they can get a posse of law enforcement to watch their backs. Gerald Griggs -- an attorney who reps Joycelyn Savage's family -- tells TMZ he and the family are actively working with prosecutors in Illinois to conduct a new welfare check on Joycelyn at Kelly's Trump Tower pad. Griggs says the Savages believe Joycelyn is living there, too, along with Azriel Clary. Both women were at R. Kelly's court hearing over the weekend, supporting him. Griggs says Chicago PD conducted a welfare check in January, but he doesn't trust they did a thorough job. He says the fam wants one done when they can be there to witness it. The Savages ultimate goal hasn't changed -- they're hoping they can somehow get through to Joycelyn and convince her to leave Kelly. However, they're also afraid for their own safety, because they say R. Kelly's associates have threatened them. For that reason, Griggs says they're requesting assistance from the Cook County State's Attorney's Office. Basically, they want backup as protection from Kelly's people. It's unclear if Cook County will oblige. We've got a call in, but no word back yet. As for R. Kelly, his attorney, Steven Greenberg, tells us ... "Police in Chicago and Atlanta have both done wellness checks. Plus, she has been in court. Now this attorney is a psychiatrist. Gimme a break." (TMZ)


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