Final day of February. Flippin' the calendar tomorrow!

Country singer Jason Aldean turns 42 today. Not sure what the L stands for. There's a guy with a whole new perspective on life.

Pat Monahan is leaving on birthday track 50 today. He's the lead singer for Train or, the engineer of the group, if you prefer.

Rae Dawn Chong, Tommy Chong's acting daughter, turns 58 today. It says she was born on February 28 right there on her dad's rolling papers.

Gilbert Gottfried turns 64 today. His career was flying along as the parrot in "Aladdin" and the duck in the AFLAC commercials and then he was hit by a tsunami of bad judgement calls in comedy.

Frank Bonner, aka Herb on "WKRP In Cincinnati," is 77 today.

Mario Andretti is 79 today. He's been around the track a few times.

Smokey the Bear, the U.S. Forest Service's fire-fighting symbol, turns 91 today. If you were thinking of sending him something, don't send a dried flower arrangement. They're highly flammable. Remember, only you can prevent florist fires.


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