Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child turns 38 today. She's one of the two members known as "Not Beyonce."

Stop the presses -- Jennifer Aniston hits the big 5-0 today! She will always be 30 and Rachel to me...

Sheryl Crow turns double-nickels today, 55. Hard to believe she was ever with Lance Armstrong. Then again, it's hard to believe anything have to do with Lance Armstrong.

Sarah Palin is also 55. I always get her and Tina Fey mixed up.

Speed skater Mary Docter turns 58 today. I've never considered speed skating that difficult of a sport. I mean, make the slope steep enough and anyone could be a speed skater.

John Ellis Bush... better known as "Jeb"... turns 66. Well, the first thing you know, old Jeb's a millionaire...

Tina Louise-Ginger, from Gilligan's Island, turns 85 today. Why is it the only two Castaways left are Maryann and Ginger? I'm afraid to say, at this stage, you'd probably make a swim for it.

It's White T-Shirt Day --


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