Christmas is exactly 10 months away. Just sayin'...

James and Oliver Phelps, the red-headed twins from the Harry Potter movies, hit 33 today. Just about time to whip out the age-reversing spell... Still dealing with a pretty bad case of Hogwarts.

Rashida Jones, Quincy's daughter, who's made quite a name for herself, turns 43 today.

Sean Astin, who's gone from "Goonies" to "Rudy" to "Lord of the Rings" celebrates birthday number 48.
He's celebrating out of Hobbit.
Younger listeners might not realize he was the son of Oscar-winner Patty Duke and John Astin, who played Gomez on the old TV show, "The Addams Family."
He's fallen into that acting niche where either you know him as "Rudy" or for saying the words, "Mr. Frodo."

Tea Leoni -- TV's Madam Secretary -- hits 53 today. Her birth name was Elizabeth Tea Pantaleoni. She shortened it so it would fit on her birthday cake.

Scott Thompson turns 54 today. Who? Oh, you know him by the name "Carrot Top." His skin still looks pretty good, but his hair is starting to wilt.

Whatever happened to Sally Jesse Raphael? Where ever she is, she's celebrating her 84th birthday today. Hopefully, she'll get a new pair of glasses.


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