FaceBook Censorship!

I'm starting to get a lot of Community Standards post deletions on my Desert Radio AZ FaceBook Page. So I've stopped my advertising budget with them. My freedom of speech is being trampled on by a company that's more interested in playing BIG BROTHER than sharing opposing views! I'm a broadcaster with a sarcastic sense of humor and I've offered up some of that comedy on my radio station and I shared some of those remarks on my FaceBook page. Comments like:

 1. OK, I'm waiting for the controversy over the new Aladdin movie when people start complaining about Will Smith wearing blue-face. 

2. Big shocker on The Bachelor Monday night. I actually watched for 5 minutes. 

3. It's Valentine's Day Eve. Do you run out and buy a Rose in a Tube at 7-11 on Valentine's Eve or Valentine's Day? 

These 3 posts were deemed unacceptable to Facebook! If you follow my Desert Radio AZ FaceBook page for my entertaining posts. You might consider following my radio station website desertradioaz.com instead of the Desert Radio AZ FaceBook page. FREEDOM OF SPEECH is still alive and well there. I'm not a Democrat or a Republican and I'll be dammed if either party will take away my right to speak freely! To all my followers, Thanks for listening to the Radio Station and reading my somewhat bloviated posts of sarcasm. 


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