On this date in 1541, Santiago, Chile, was founded. Which was a big relief to those who had been concerned about it being lost.

In 1554, Lady Jane Grey, who had been queen of England for all of nine days, was beheaded after being charged with treason. And you thought you had a tough boss. Or, and you thought your company retirement plan was lacking.

This is the actual birthday of Abraham Lincoln back in 1809. He was known as "Honest Abe" and it's pretty much an accepted fact that he was so honest, he never would have been able to do the news for FOX.

On this date in 1872, the toothpick-making machine was invented. My theory is, by a splinter group.

In 1878, a patent was issued for the first catcher's mask by Bob "Broken Nose" Kapinzski.

On this date in 1892, Lincoln's birthday was declared a national holiday. Yep, back in the old days, this would have been a day off.


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