March 1st was New Year's Day until 154 BC, according to the Roman calendar. So if you see some hung-over Romans running around today, well, that explains it.

In 1781, the Articles of Confederation were adopted by the Continental Congress. It was during a continental breakfast.

On this date in 1790, congress authorized the first census. I believe that was the first and only time congress made any census. They've never census to me.

In 1864, a patent was issued for the movie projector. Finally, people had something to do with their movie screens.
Now, the only thing left to do was to invent the movie camera! Seems kind of backwards.
Next step: to invent film!
Up until that time, teenagers went to drive-ins for only one thing. Wait, they still do. If they can find a drive-in.

On this date in 1912, Albert Berry made the first parachute jump over Jefferson, Missouri. Needless to say, Jefferson was startled.

It was on this date back in 1913 that the Federal Income Tax took effect according to the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This really should be a national day of mourning.

The first FM radio station went on the air on this date in 1941. Before then, AM was cool.

The very first K-Mart opened on this date in 1962 after a series of very unfortunate A through J-Marts. Bit: Stick a flashing blue light somewhere around town and the first person to call and tell you where it is, wins a prize.

On this date in 1961, Mattel introduced Barbie's boyfriend, the Ken doll. Sadly for Barbie, a few weeks later she found the sad truth -- accessories not included.

Also in 1961, President Kennedy established the Peace Corps, the toughest job you'll ever love. His job had its drawbacks, too.


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