Karl Von Grafe was born way back in 1787. He's considered "the father of plastic surgery"... or, as the late Michael Jackson liked to call him, "Daddy!" His daughter really did get her looks from her father.

On this date in 1838, the U.S. mint in New Orleans began operation by producing dimes. Up until then, we didn't have anything to stop on.
That was the first step to being able to make 10 cent phone calls. Next, it was to invent the phone.
You know who really appreciated that? All the "Five & Blank" stores.
At first, people said, "I wouldn't give you 10 cents for them."
Up until that time, when people wanted to stop on something, they had no idea what to do.

In 1894, New York became the first state to require licenses for dogs.
The tough thing was getting them to wear the license plates.
Up until that time if they got into a car accident, there was nothing to suspend.
Whether or not dogs should be allowed to drive is another story.
They made lousy drivers.

On this date in 1913, the Internal Revenue Service began collecting taxes for the first time.
This really should be a national day of mourning.
Needless to say, the folks at H&R Block were thrilled to finally have something to do.
Yes, they began collecting taxes in 1913 and they haven't stopped since. They just keep going and going and going...

On this date in 1972, the Goodyear blimp flew for the very first time. At first, you could buy a flight on it for 3 cents a pound. Mostly men, because women didn't like the idea of being weighed in public. Makes sense. Until the pilot knew how to control it completely, he did use training wings.


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