• For whatever reason, hordes of vultures have descended upon the town of Mount Holly, New Jersey. Alfred Hitchcock would be proud.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow says she is NOT quitting acting because of her Goop product line.
  • Now there's a gender-reveal party you've never heard of before. LPGA star Brittany Lincicome and her golfing husband Dewald Gouws made their gender reveal Monday night... with an exploding golf ball. It was a pink cloud of dust!
  • Apple has a big event planned for March 25th. The speculation is that this time, it's going to be rolling out Apple's long-expected streaming service, similar to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.
  • The day after it was announced that J-Lo and Alex Rodriguez were engaged, former New York Yankee Jose Conseco claimed that Alex has been cheating on her with his ex-wife.
  • By the way, the guessers think that the rock J-Lo has on her finger could be worth up to $5 million.
  • When you're India's richest man and your son is getting married, you spare no expense. So, when it comes time for the couple's first dance, you arrange fireworks and for Adam Levine and Maroon 5 to be there to sing, "She Will Be Loved" live.
  • The World Wide Web is celebrating its 30th birthday this year. Other names considered and rejected include "The Mesh," "The Information Mine" and "Mine of Information." The very first website was It was dedicated to information on the World Wide Web project and was made by Tim Berners-Lee.
  • The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is on strike over pay and retirement benefits.
  • Del Taco has developed a French fry-scented soap.
  • Dolly Parton is miffed because she didn't give Elizabeth Warren permission to use "9 to 5" for her campaign.
  • Ohio State University football assistant coaches will be paid $7.4 million this year. Meanwhile, former Ohio State University head football coach Urban Meyer is joining the FOX pregame show.
  • It's possible that if Michael Cohen goes to prison, he could be sent to the Federal Correctional Institution Otisville, in New York state. If so, he'd have Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino as a prison-mate.
  • Courtney Love tells of the time she was at a party with the late fashion-designer Karl Lagerfeld in what she thought was a Chanel dress... and he called her out for wearing a Chanel knock-off. Eventually, he gave her one of the real dresses.
  • If you have Pillsbury flour in your kitchen, check the recalls online. Google Pillsbury flour recall and see if you have a match.
  • Interesting cleanup last week in Maryland, where a truck turned over and spilled out 8,000 bottles of ranch salad dressing.
  • Halle Berry is training with a UFC fighter, to get ready for an upcoming movie role.


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