• 74-year-old Danny Devito took a nasty fall on stage at an event in Mexico City, promoting the new Dumbo movie. But he's OK.
  • Alex Trebek announced yesterday that he's been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He hopes to finish the current Jeopardy season and then fight it. Stage 4 patients have a 3% success rate.
  • The FDA has approved a nasal spray that treats major depression.
  • On March 29th, NASA astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch will conduct the very first all women walk outside the International Space Station.
  • After the deaths of 21 horses this racing season, the Santa Anita horse-racing track in California has suspended races until they can take a better look at their track.
  • If you think what this country really needs is more college football bowl games, you're in luck! Beginning in 2020, the Las Vegas Bowl will annually feature a team from the Pac-12 against a team from the SEC or Big Ten, and a new bowl in Los Angeles will feature the Pac-12 against a Mountain West team.
  • South Park creator Trey Parker has filed for divorce from his wife of five years, Boogie Tillmon.
  • A North Dakota man who stole the identities of 38,000 people was sentenced to another ten years in prison for lying about his own ID.
  • Because of the new documentary, "Leaving Neverland", police are keeping extra eyes on Michael Jackson's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • With the next-to-last Blockbuster store closing later this month in Australia, that means the final location in the world is still up and running in Bend, Oregon.
  • Jeans brand Diesel USA has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
  • Goldman Sachs is relaxing their dress code for Millennials.
  • First, the BBC banned all Michael Jackson songs. Now, New Zealand radio and several stations in Canada have joined the ban.


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