• New Jersey town wants to get tough on excessive dog barking and a new proposal could even land a noisy pup's owner in jail. The proposed ordinance in Saddle River would prohibit loud, continuous barking for over 20 minutes during the day, from 7am to 10pm. Fines would range from $100 to $1,000.
  • If you're looking for a really fast car, you want a Koenigsegg Jesko. It features 1600 HP, promises a 300mph top speed and comes with a nine-speed gearbox with seven clutches.
  • "The How of Happiness" by Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D. reports 40 percent of the happiness in your life is under your control, according to experts. The rest is determined by your genes 50 percent and life circumstances are 10 percent of your happiness.
  • Chick fil-A is selling fish sandwiches during Lent. They're available through April 20.
  • You know this is the time-change weekend coming up, right?
  • The Republican Party of Virginia is offering $1,000 to the first person to give them a picture of the state attorney general in blackface.
  • The last Chevy Cruise rolled off the assembly line in Ohio on Wednesday. For the first time in over 100 years, GM won't be assembling automobiles in Ohio.
  • A study says those who use their vacation days live longer than those who don't.
  • The other day in the Bay Area, a family heading back from a funeral honored their late family member by dropping $500 in $20 bills on the freeway.
  • The Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics found the two ages when happiness peats in a person's life is age 23 and age 69.
  • The Utah State Legislature is making sex outside of marriage legal.
  • Look up Cillian Murphy. Insiders say he's tapped to replace Daniel Craig as the next James Bond. He played the Scarecrow in "Batman Begins."
  • The ACLU has asked the Virginia governor to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee from public grounds in Richmond.
  • A dean at Rider University in New Jersey is stepping down from her post after the school decided to drop Chick-fil-A from a list of possible campus additions.


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