It's Cinco de Marcho! Sounds like a Marx brother.

Jake Lloyd, the young Anakin Skywalker from the "Phantom Menace" movie, turns the big 3-0 today.

Eva Mendes turns 45 today. She's the significant other of Ryan Gosling, so no presents are necessary. They have one child together, but they haven't exactly been fast and furious to the alter.

The singer Rome turns 49 today. He wasn't built in a day, but he was born on one.

NFL Hall-of-Famer and former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin is on the 53-year-line. During his prime, he caught more things than Paris Hilton when the fleet was in.

TV preacher Joel Osteen turns 56 today... if you believe.

Penn Jillette turned himself into a 64-year-old today, without a drop of magic.
I think he used to work in a bank, because if teller had been a teller it would have been redundant.
Make those years disappear, magic guy!
To be honest, his parents were hoping for a pencil.

Eddy Grant is 71 today. He's working on taking his "Electric Avenue" solar.

Dean Stockwell is still around and celebrating birthday number 83 today.


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