Today's date: 3-8. ("I could have had a 3-8")

Milana Vayntrub turns 32 today. Who, you ask? She played Lilly, the female sales rep in the old AT&T commercials.

James Van Der Beek (Dawson's Creek) turns 42 today. Not necessarily the greatest actor ever. In fact, in one TV series, he played James Van Der Beek... and I wasn't convinced.

Freddie Prinze Jr. turns 43 today. His dad only made it to age 22. He's been married to Sarah Michelle Gellar since 2002, which, as you know, isn't easy to do in Hollywood. He's probably best known as Fred in the "Scooby Doo" movies.

Aidan Quinn did a lot in his career, but you saw him recently hanging on CBS-TV's "Elementary." He's 60 today.

Lester Holt will be anchoring the NBC Nightly News tonight on his 60th birthday. Sports and weather next.

Singer Gary Numan turns 61 today. He had a hit years ago called, "Cars" and then went on to only have a hit called, "Cars."

Micky Dolenz celebrates his 74th birthday today. His goal is to out-live everyone who remembers who the Monkees were.

Former Yankee pitcher Jim Bouton turns the big 8-0. Jim rocked the baseball world by writing the first "tell-all" book about baseball, "Ball Four." In it, we learned all kinds of things -- for example, whenever a player wanted a game to last longer, all he had to do was think about sex.


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