Elisabeth Rohm will soon be hearing wedding bells! The Law and Order alum, 45, confirmed to PEOPLE that she and her boyfriend Jonathan Colby are engaged. Colby, a retired judge, popped the question last week. "We're overjoyed to share with everyone that we got engaged last week at our home in La Jolla, California," Rohm tells PEOPLE. "In the privacy of our backyard, we shared our commitment to love each other forever as we took in the stunning ocean views at sunset. It was the most loving and romantic day of our lives with many tears of happiness!" The actress also announced the exciting news on her Instagram alongside a selfie where she held up her sparkling ring. "Yes, I'm engaged to the most loving, kind, elegant, generous and extraordinary man!" she began in the post. "I'm so happy to finally share this most blessed and personal news with all of you. I've waited a long time to find My Jonathan," she said. "My prayers have been answered." "This photo was taken after Jonathan proposed and as you can see I bawled like a baby with such joy to have found my one true love who I will share my life with forever," Rohm added of her future husband, who she said she met through her parents. "I said YES! It's never too late to write your new story. God has blessed me with LOVE and I send all of you my warmest wishes for all your dreams to come true too," she finished before adding the hashtags "#forevergrateful #forlifeorlonger #elisabethrohm" This will be the actress' first marriage. She was previously engaged to director Austin Smithard. After calling things off, Rohm started dating entrepreneur Ron Wooster. The pair eventually got engaged and in 2008, welcomed a daughter, Easton August Anthony, now 10. By 2014, however, Rohm and Wooster decided to separate. Rohm is currently starring as Agent Aria Price on the Sony Crackle show The Oath. Season two of the crime drama premieres on Feb. 21. (People)

Cardi B's family is together again -- she and Offset are under the same roof, and the hip-hop power couple is officially back on ... TMZ has learned. Sources close to the couple tell us ... Cardi's returning to the Atlanta home they shared before the breakup. We're told this is the first time she's been back to stay there with Offset and Kulture since December ... when she ripped into her husband for allegedly cheating. There have been numerous signs lately of a reunion. Cardi posted last week, "I wanna go home" -- but our sources say it's a done deal now, because Offset proved himself to his wife. We're told one of the key factors was Offset changing his phone number, in order to show Cardi he's serious about being honest and faithful. Our sources say the new digits are strictly for Cardi and business calls. More importantly, there's a new, "no groupies" rule, which will be in full effect this weekend. We're told Offset's not allowing any female fans near him during his Super Bowl appearances in ATL. He wants Cardi to know he's serious about their marriage. The Rams and Patriots ain't the only ones with a lot to lose this weekend. (TMZ)

Kate Beckinsale Has the Best Reaction After Being Mistaken for Kate Middleton. If you're going to be compared to someone, a duchess isn't so bad. After Kate Beckinsale revealed on Instagram that she was hospitalized for a ruptured ovarian cyst, she made a few headlines. But one outlet accidentally ran an article with a picture of Kate Middleton instead of the Hollywood actress. So how did she respond? With a great sense of humor if we do say so ourselves. "So moved and touched by all the kind wishes I have received over the last few days and staggered by the similar and worse stories my #cysters have been sending me," Kate shared on Instagram with a screengrab of an article. "I am feeling much better and I hope all the other girls going through it are too. Back to resume my royal duties. William says hi." As soon as she posted, many followers had a good laugh at the innocent mistake including a few famous friends. "Tell Meghan I say hi!" Sarah Hyland wrote in the comments section. Rose McGowan added, "You made us proud, duchess." All jokes aside, USA Today was very apologetic of the mistake and expressed how sorry they were in the comments. "First and foremost, we're glad to hear you're feeling much better. We apologize for the image associated with this story. It appears our system pulled the first image in the photo gallery at the bottom of the story, instead of the image of you we put in the story," the publication wrote. "It just so happens the lead photo in the gallery is of Duchess Kate. We regret the error and are working to make sure this does not happen again." Ultimately, Kate is likely much more focused on feeling better. Over the weekend, the 45-year-old actress shared photos from a hospital bed. "Turns out a ruptured ovarian cyst really hurts and morphine makes me cry," she captioned the post. "So thankful to everyone who looked after me." Get well soon, Kate! (Eonline)

Mo'Nique Talks Whoopi Goldberg Drama, Being "Unapologetic" & Why Her NAACP Award Means More Than Her Oscar. Mo'nique is speaking her truth. Wednesday the Oscar-winning actress stopped by Daily Pop and spoke candidly about her "unwavering" fight against inequality. While the veteran comedienne has faced a bit of drama in the last decade of her career, she expressed that she's unapologetic in the choices she has made as she's confident that she's doing what's best for the next generation of black performers. "There was never a moment that I said, 'I don't want to do this.' There's never been a moment that I regret saying anything that I've said," Mo'Nique informed Daily Pop co-hosts Justin Sylvester and Morgan Stewart. "There's never been a moment that I'm willing to take any of it back, I'm unwavering when it comes to inequality." As for her clash on The View with Whoopi Goldberg? Mo'Nique assured viewers that she's "in a good place with everybody" and is "too damn old" to be stirring the pot. "When people think that Whoopi Goldberg and I are in a bad place, we're not, that's my sister!" the Precious actress continued. "But when she makes a statement like, 'I could've schooled you,' well what you were trying to school me on is how to work for free -- and that's not what I'm willing to do." In fact, Mo'Nique revealed she further discussed the matter with Whoopi off-camera. According to the 51-year-old industry vet, Goldberg's words came "out of love, but it was also out of fear." "When I said Whoopi Goldberg has always been the help... that's no shade and there was a time I was also the help," The Parkers alum further relayed. "I wasn't saying it to throw shade or be messy, I was saying it to be honest. I no longer want to be the help, I no longer want to hope that you like me enough to give me an opportunity." Similarly, Mo'Nique acknowledged her refusal to accept Tyler Perry's past advice to play "by their rules." Furthermore, being unapologetically herself has led Mo'Nique to her history-making residency Mo'Nique Does Vegas (at The Sayers Club at SLS Las Vegas Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays). While Mo'Nique has had many career triumphs, you'll be surprised to learn which ones she cherishes most. Case in point: Mo'Nique was "more excited that Robin Williams announced my name" than the actual Oscar win. Not to mention, Mo'Nique recalled getting "butterflies" over her NAACP Image award. "It was the NAACP Image award that made me wake up that morning and say, 'My community thinks that I belong in the category of being the best at what I did for this season!'" Mo'Nique stated. "I'm grateful for every award I've ever gotten and everyone always asks me about the Oscar, like it's the be all to end all, for me it's not." (Eonline)

Ariana Grande tried to fix her tattoo spelling mistake and just made matters even worse Twitter roast. We're constantly looking for the latest and greatest in tattoo inspo and the most inspiring place to seek it is via our favorite celebrities. The latest celebrity to go viral across social media for their new tattoo, rather unintentionally this time around, is Ariana Grande. The pop singer took to Instagram to reveal her new kanji palm tattoo, but sharp-eyed users were quick to point out that the star had suffered from an unfortunate case of mistranslation. While the Japanese design was supposed to honor her new hit "7 Rings", fans noticed that what the tattoo actually spelt was "shichirin," a small charcoal BBQ grill. Oh dear. Although Ariana has since deleted the photo, the internet naturally keeps receipts. And predictably, people fully turned up on social media to roast the singer, if you'll pardon the pun. In a since-deleted tweet, Ariana responded to the furore, commenting: "Indeed, I left out '???,' which should have gone in between. It hurt like f--k n still looks tight. I wouldn't have lasted one more symbol lmao. But this spot also peels a ton and won't last so if I miss it enough I'll suffer thru the whole thing next time." Unbothered by the blunder, she added: "also... huge fan of tiny bbq grills." Today, Ari decided to have a go at rectifying it, but sadly made matters worse; the tattoo now reads "Japanese BBQ finger", according to fans. (British Glamour)

Bethenny Frankel is scared to be alone after an allergic reaction almost killed her last month. "It's crazy. I don't like to be alone anymore," she told Dr. Oz on his daytime show. "I don't want to be at restaurants alone, and I'm not that type of person. It's very scary. It changes your whole entire life." Frankel fell unconscious on Dec. 16 after her boyfriend gave her soup. "I felt a little tickle in my throat, something seemed a little off -- not crazy at all -- less than before in my life. By the time he came back, I was unconscious. He said I was drooling. I was unconscious and he managed to get a Benadryl down my throat while calling 911. Then, I guess 15 minutes later, I woke up disoriented," she said. "There were cops. There were medics, and then I vaguely remember them taking me on a stretcher into the ambulance, but thinking, 'I'm having a stroke and dying.'" She's also been lobbying for airlines to take fish off their in-flight menus. (Page Six)

Lil Wayne says his ex-lawyer pulled a fast one -- for more than a decade -- and to the tune of more than $20 million ... and now it's time for the big payback. Wayne is suing Ronald Sweeney -- who repped him from 2005 through Sept. 2018 -- because he says the attorney was charging some hefty fees. In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Wayne says Sweeney charged him 10 percent for every deal he helped close. The problem is ... Wayne claims Sweeney failed to inform him the industry standard is a mere 5 percent. That up-charge cost Wayne a bundle -- he says Sweeney made $20 million during his tenure. According to the docs, Sweeney got pretty greedy ... proposing he get an additional 10 percent of all profits from Wayne's label, Young Money -- but Wayne says that was swiftly shot down. Still, he says Sweeney even brought in outside help. In the suit, he says Sweeney hired another law firm to aid in the litigation with Cash Money over the 'Carter V' deal. Wayne says that firm got 23 percent of the Cash Money settlement and 15 percent of the Universal Music Group settlement. Those numbers clearly stick in Wayne's craw because he says all that was on top of Sweeney's inflated 10 percent. Weezy's suing his former legal flak for at least $20 mil. (TMZ)

Boston Celtics guard Jabari Bird appeared in court Wednesday to face new charges that he threatened to murder his GF multiple times during a violent altercation back in September. As we previously reported ... Bird allegedly brutalized his GF at his Massachusetts apartment during a Sept. 7 incident -- allegedly choking and terrorizing her for hours. Officials say Jabari roughed her up badly ... and she was only able to escape after Bird appeared to be having "seizure-like" symptoms during the end of the attack. Jabari was arrested for assault and battery, strangulation and kidnapping ... and later pled not guilty to the charges in court. On Wednesday, prosecutors tacked on TWO additional charges -- threats and witness intimidation -- alleging in court docs Bird told his GF he was going to MURDER her during the altercation. "If you don't stop talking I'm going to kill you," the victim alleges Bird said, according to court docs. She added that Jabari also said while kicking her, "Tell anyone about this, I don't care where you are, I'll find you and I'll kill you." Bird appeared in Brighton Municipal Court Wednesday to face the new charges ... and once again pled not guilty. Jabari is due back in court next month. For his part ... Jabari released a statement shortly after the September incident saying, "I'm taking some time away from the team as I deal with my legal and medical issues. I apologize to my family, the Celtics organization, my teammates, the fans and the NBA for the unnecessary distraction that I have caused." "The information that has been released does not tell the full story. I do not condone violence against women. I am hopeful that in due time and process, I will be able to regain everyone's trust." (TMZ)

Dick Miller, 'Gremlins' and 'Terminator' actor, dies at 90. Dick Miller, a prolific screen actor best known for his role as Murray Futterman in the 1984 classic horror film "Gremlins," has died. He was 90. With a career spanning more than 60 years, Miller has made hundreds of on-screen appearances, beginning in the 1950s with legendary director and producer Roger Corman. It was then that he starred as Walter Paisley a character the actor would reprise throughout his career in the cult classic "A Bucket of Blood," before going on to land roles on projects such as "The 'Burbs," "Fame" and "The Terminator." Miller also boasts a long history of high-profile director partnerships, working with the likes of James Cameron, Ernest Dickerson, Martin Scorsese, John Sayles and, perhaps most notably, Joe Dante, who used Miller in almost every project he helmed. In one of Dante's earlier films, "Piranha," Miller played Buck Gardner, a small-time real estate agent opening up a new resort on Lost River Lake. The only catch? A large school of genetically altered piranha has accidentally been released into the resort's nearby rivers. Next up was a police chief role in the 1979 film "Rock 'n' Roll High School" before reprising the Walter Paisley mantle as an occult bookshop owner in Dante's 1981 horror film "The Howling." Other notable appearances include the 1986 cult favorite "Night of the Creeps," where he shared the screen with Tom Atkins as a police ammunitions officer named Walt he supplies Atkins with some necessary firepower in the face of an alien worm-zombie invasion and a pawnshop owner in James Cameron's 1984 hit "The Terminator;" the same year he appeared in yet another of Dante's films, "Gremlins." Most recently, Miller reprised the role of Walter Paisley for a final time as a rabbi in Eben McGarr's horror film "Hanukkah." Miller is survived by his wife, Lainie, daughter Barbara and granddaughter Autumn. Dante called him "one of his most treasured collaborators," writing, "I 'grew up' (kinda) watching Dick Miller in movies from the 50s on and was thrilled to have him in my first movie for Roger Corman." (PageSix)

Cosby accuser Louisa Moritz dies, but lawsuit will live on. One of Bill Cosby's accusers has passed away -- but her lawsuit against the disgraced comedian will live on, according to her lawyer. Actress Louisa Moritz -- best known for her role in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" and appearances on the TV show "Love, American Style" -- died earlier this month at age 72, attorney Joseph Cammarata told The Post Wednesday. In 2014, Moritz came forward to allege that Cosby assaulted her before an appearance on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show" in 1971 -- and she then joined six other women in a federal lawsuit against the comic, accusing him of sexually abusing them and then later defaming them by labeling their stories as lies. Cammarata said Moritz's estate will now take her place as a party in the case. A source told Radar Online that Cosby's lawyers are skeptical of the strategy. "Mr. Cosby's lawyers assured him the suit wouldn't go far unless they exhume her body," the insider told Radar. "They said that this isn't a criminal case, it's a civil case. Therefore, how could Louisa sue Mr. Cosby from 'six feet under?'" But Cammarata said the plaintiffs' depositions have already been taken and noted there is more than one way to prove a case. "You can prove it by way of deposition, you can prove it by way of other people -- 'oh yeah, Louisa told me XYZ,'" he said. Another attorney who specializes in sex assault cases said lawsuits can and do continue after a plaintiff's death -- but that it can be "challenging." "If her testimony has been preserved, if defendants have had an opportunity to cross-examine her, it does happen," said lawyer Kevin Mintzer. "Civil cases can be pursued by an estate under the right conditions if the party passes away, but it's challenging." Mortiz claimed Cosby approached her in the dressing room before the "Tonight Show" appearance and forced his penis into her mouth, saying, "Have a taste of this. It will do you good in so many ways," she previously told TMZ. Afterward, she claimed he walked out saying, "Now you don't want to upset me and the plans for your future, do you?" Cosby, who has denied the allegations, was last year found guilty of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand and sentenced to three to 10 years behind bars. Cammarata said his suit had been on ice due to the criminal case but expects to get a "green light" to continue at the next hearing on Feb. 28. (PageSix)


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