Chris Pratt Dishes on His and Katherine Schwarzenegger's Wedding Plans. Chris Pratt says he and fiancee Katherine Schwarzenegger plan to wed as early as this fall. The 39-year-old actor made his comments on Saturday to reporters at the premiere of his latest film, The Lego Movie 2, in Westwood, Los Angeles. He said that he and Schwarzenegger, the 29-year-old daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, were "maybe" thinking of a "fall, winter kind of thing" for their wedding, adding that they had "a lot to get done," according to People. Pratt announced on Instagram last month that he and Schwarzenegger had gotten engaged, posting a photo of the two embracing, with her wearing a diamond engagement ring. Last month, a source told E! News that Pratt and Schwarzenegger plan on having a big, traditional wedding and were thinking about tying the knot in Martha's Vineyard, which is a "special place for Katherine and where she spent a lot of time growing up." "Chris wants her to have her perfect day and whatever she wants," the source said. The two began dating last summer and have since been spotted together in public several times. They have spent time with each other's families, including Schwarzenegger's famous parents and Pratt's and ex-wife Anna Faris's 6-year-old son Jack. Faris, who has also moved on with a new beau since her and Pratt's split, said on her podcast Unqualified last month that Pratt texted her about his and Schwarzenegger's engagement before he posted the news on social media. "I was like 'Ah! That's amazing,'" she said. "And I texted him back, 'Just want to remind you, I'm an ordained minister.'" "I knew that it was going to happen," she added. "I love her, and I love him, and I'm just so happy that they found each other." (Eonline)

Fan Bingbing Returns to Social Media After Mysterious Disappearance. Fan Bingbing has officially returned to social media, sharing a post on Instagram for the first time in over eight months. The 37-year-old actress took to Instagram on Monday to share two selfies with her fans, captioning the post, "????????????!????." The caption translates to, "I wish you all a happy New Year, safe and healthy! Love you." Bingbing last shared a post on Instagram in May 2018, around the same time she disappeared from the public eye. As fans grew worried for the star in September, reports started to surface that Bingbing was involved in a possible tax evasion scandal in China. In early October, The New York Times reported that Bingbing was fined approximately $70 million in unpaid taxes and penalties. According to the publication, tax authorities said that Bingbing would not face criminal charges if she paid her fine and $60 million her production company owed in back taxes. It was around this same time that, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Bingbing posted an apology on her Weibo account. "I feel ashamed that I committed tax evasion in the film 'Unbreakable Spirit' and on other projects by taking advantage of 'yin yang contracts,'" Bingbing wrote, referencing when actors sign two contracts for a job, one with the correct payment amount and one with a lower payment amount for tax purposes. She later wrote, "I completely accept the penalties given by the taxation authorities after their thorough investigation. I totally accepted all of them and will raise funds to pay my taxes and penalties regardless of any obstacles." (Eonline)

Demi Lovato Deletes Twitter After Comments About 21 Savage Spark Backlash. Demi Lovato's Twitter has gone dark. The "Confident" singer sparked some ire on Sunday night during the 2019 Super Bowl when she made a comment about the rapper 21 Savage. 21 Savage, whose real name is Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was arrested on Sunday morning by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) for reportedly overstaying his visa. He faces a possibility of deportation. He was reportedly born on the island of Dominica, which was a British colony. News of 21 Savage's arrest quickly spread over social media and subsequently became a meme. Lovato wrote on Twitter Sunday afternoon, "So far 21 savage memes have been my favorite part of the Super Bowl." People immediately began calling her out, including Offset, who sort of seemed to subtweet her. "ALL THE MEMES AND S--T AINT FUNNY WHEN SOMEBODY GOING THROUGH SOME," the Migos rapper wrote. "PRAYING FOR MY DAWG AINT S--T FUNNY HIS FANILY [sic] DEPENDING ON HIM." The 26-year-old singer tried defending and clarifying herself in later tweets, but it wasn't enough to calm the criticism. "If you're gonna come at me for making a joke, try coming at me with some original not involving drugs," she wrote. Lovato said in another message, "F--k Twitter. This is why I don't tweet anymore." Many of the memes that poked fun at the "Bank Account" rapper's situation had to do with American Revolution-era images and British monuments. In a fourth tweet, the "Sorry Not Sorry" artist clarified which image she found so amusing. The picture showed a person writing on paper with a feather-tip pen and a bottle of ink next to it, clearly from a much earlier era. The meme was captioned, "This how 21 Savage be writing his verses." "FYI this is the s--t I'm laughing at...not the fact that anyone is getting deported," Lovato wrote. Other memes involving 21 Savage include a classic red British phone booth with the caption "21 Savage: I'm in the booth. The booth: [picture]." Lovato wrote a cryptic note on Instagram, too. She wrote in one font over a plain black background, "This break couldn't last long enough tbh." Not long after deleting her Twitter, Lovato wrote another note on her Instagram Story about her prior tweets. She also shared screenshots of comments people made about it, including calling out her overdose and drug use. "Wasn't laughing at anyone getting deported. I know that's not a joke...not have I EVER laughed at that," she penned. "The meme I posted/was talking about was of him being writing with a feather pen. Sorry if I offended anyone." She continued, "But it's no excuse to laugh at someone's addiction, let alone their OD." Just the other day, Lovato celebrated six months of sobriety after her July overdose. 21 Savage's attorney Dina LaPolt told E! News in a statement that they were "working diligently to get Mr. Abraham-Joseph out of detention while we work with the authorities to clear up any misunderstandings." LaPolt's statement continued, "Mr. Abraham-Joseph is a role model to the young people in this country, especially in Atlanta, Georgia, and is actively working in the community-leading programs to help underprivileged youths in financial literacy." ICE also provided E! News with a statement later in the day. The federal agency said in their note that his arrest was a "targeted operation." "He is unlawfully present in the U.S. and also a convicted felon," ICE said. An ICE spokesman told CNN, "His whole public persona is false." (Eonline)

Following a controversy-filled Super Bowl halftime performance -- although the performance itself worked hard to be uncontroversial -- Maroon 5frontman Adam Levine posted a note on Instagram sharing his thoughts on the occasion. Along with a photo showing the "One Love" light display that took place during the set, Levine wrote, "When we accepted the responsibility to perform at the SBHTS, I took out my pen and just wrote. Some of the words that came to me in that moment eventually made their way onto the incredible lanterns that flew high and low tonight. We thank the universe for this historic opportunity to play on the world's biggest stage. We thank our fans for making our dreams possible. And we thank our critics for always pushing us to do better. One Love." The words that followed were: forgive, laugh, cry, smile, share, live, endure, embrace, remember, enlighten, preserve, inspire, sweat, fight, express, give, receive, elevate, climb, unify, fortify, soften, dance, scream, dream, educate, provide, inhale, exhale, persevere, stand, knee, overcome, love, listen. With the 14-minute long performance, months of will-they-or-won't-they speculation was put to rest once performers Maroon 5, along with guests Travis Scott and Big Boi took the field. The band's participation in the show had come under fire in recent weeks because performing during the game -- which is the biggest global stage for a musician, with an estimated 100 million viewers -- is effectively an endorsement of the National Football League's treatment of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The league's stance toward the athlete, who has not played professionally since his controversial stance to "take a knee" during the National Anthem before games, has polarized audiences and significantly complicated this year's halftime performance, among many other issues. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight last week, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine said the band "expected" the backlash. To counter criticism, Scott announced that in partnership with the NFL, he will make a $500,000 donation to the non-profit organization Dream Corps, among "other initiatives that he will work with the League on." Maroon 5 also pledged the same amount to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. (Page Six)

A woman told police Saturday Soulja Boy kidnapped her but his manager is calling BS ... TMZ has learned. Sources familiar with the allegations tell TMZ, a woman named Kayla was at Soulja's home in Agoura Hills just outside of L.A. Friday night, but at around 2:30 AM Saturday they began arguing and she was told to leave. We're told Kayla -- who was apparently dating Soulja -- got in her car, put it in reverse and backed down the driveway, where she clipped the curb. We're told Soujla's assistant was outside and witnessed it and became "agitated" and the 2 started fighting. Sources connected to Kayla claim Soulja came out and tried to break the fight up, but Kayla claims he punched and kicked her while she was on the ground, and then took her inside the garage and tied her to a chair with an extension cord. The sources say Kayla was tied up for 6 hours. We're told she was released, went home and contacted police Saturday morning. We're told she went to the hospital where she was treated for her injuries and was discharged late Saturday night. She claims she has 3 fractured ribs and a concussion. Law enforcement acknowledges someone filed a kidnapping report Saturday morning and there is "an active investigation" but they would not divulge the name of the suspect or the alleged victim. Soulja is on 5-years' probation for a weapons conviction. He is not allowed to threaten anyone or possess any deadly weapon. We reached out to Soulja multiple times but he did not pick up. Soulja's manager tells TMZ he has not been able to reach the rapper but insists the claims are BS because Soulja "always calls me if there's any problem, and he did not call." (TMZ)

21 Savage Arrested by ICE and Could Be Deported. UPDATED: Both ICE and 21 Savage's attorney sent statements to E! News about the rapper's recent arrest. Dina LaPolt, his lawyer, wrote, "We are working diligently to get Mr. Abraham-Joseph out of detention while we work with the authorities to clear up any misunderstandings. Mr. Abraham-Joseph is a role model to the young people in this country, especially in Atlanta, Georgia, and is actively working in the community-leading programs to help underprivileged youths in financial literacy." ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) said they "arrested unlawfully present United Kingdom national Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph AKA '21 Savage' during a targeted operation with federal and local law enforcement partners early Sunday in metro Atlanta. Mr. Abraham-Joseph was taken into ICE custody as he is unlawfully present in the U.S. and also a convicted felon." ICE'S note continued, "Mr. Abraham-Joseph initially entered the U.S. legally in July 2005, but subsequently failed to depart under the terms of his nonimmigrant visa and he became unlawfully present in the U.S. when his visa expired in July 2006. In addition to being in violation of federal immigration law, Mr. Abraham-Joseph was convicted on felony drug charges in October 2014 in Fulton County, Georgia." It concluded, "Mr. Abraham-Joseph is presently in ICE custody in Georgia and has been placed into removal proceedings before the federal immigration courts. ICE will now await the outcome of his case before a federal immigration judge to determine future actions."

21 Savage was arrested on Sunday by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and faces the possibility of being deported. Officials from the department say the 26-year-old, Atlanta-based, Grammy-nominated rapper, whose real name is Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, is from the United Kingdom and overstayed his visa, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Past reports had said 21 Savage was born on the Caribbean island of Dominica, a former British colony. ICE spokesman Brian Cox told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the rapper is an "unlawfully present United Kingdom national" who legally entered the U.S. in July 2005 on a visa. He said the visa expired the following year. 21 Savage has been placed in "removal proceedings before the federal immigration courts," Cox said. "His whole public persona is false," an ICE spokesperson told CNN. "He actually came to the U.S. from the U.K. as a teen and overstayed his visa." The Atlanta Journal-Constitution also reported that the rapper has a criminal record; he was convicted of felony drug charges in 2014 in Georgia. 21 Savage is known for tracks such as "Bank Account" and "A Lot" featuring J. Cole. He made headlines in 2017 when it was revealed he was dating Amber Rose. They split the following year. (Eonline)

Kristoff St. John, star of the long-running soap opera 'Young and the Restless,' was found dead Sunday ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us one of Kristoff's friends went to check on him at the actor's home in San Fernando Valley and found his body. Police and paramedics were alerted and responded to the house. We're told Kristoff was pronounced dead on the scene. We're told there was no sign of foul play, however one source says alcohol might have played a role. Kristoff has played Neil Winters on 'Y&R' since 1991 -- a role that earned him 9 Daytime Emmy Award nominations. He also won 10 NAACP Image Awards. Kristoff has a tragic and troubled history with suicide. He and his ex-wife, boxer Mia St. John, lost their son, Julian, when he took his own life in 2014, while getting treatment at a mental health facility. Mia and Kristoff sued the facility for negligence. The suit was eventually settled. In 2017, around the anniversary of Julian's suicide, Kristoff threatened to kill himself with a gun. Cops placed him under a 72-hour hold for psychiatric evaluation. Mia reacted to Kristoff's death with an emotional post on social media, and it's clear she believes his death is connected to Julian's. THAT HOSPITAL KILLED OUR SON @TheArtofJulian THEN MY HUSBAND @kristoffstjohn1 THATS WHAT HAPPENED! THEY KILLED MY FAMILY -- Mia St. John (@MiaStJohnBoxer) February 4, 2019 After their son's death, Kristoff and Mia founded the El Sabor es Poder (Knowledge is Power) Foundation to battle mental illness. Kristoff was 52. RIP. (TMZ)


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