"Lady Gaga Plans to Wear Cellophane Dress to Oscars!"
Trash! It makes it too easy for her fiance to say the old joke, "Leftovers again?"

"Man Sues Parents for Giving Birth to Him Without His Permission!"
Truth! In New Delhi, 27-year-old Raphael Samuel is a self-proclaimed anti-natalist - and is suing his own parents for giving birth to him without his consent. He says, "Isn't forcing a child into this world and forcing it to have a career, kidnapping and slavery?" To be honest, I'm kind of sorry they did bring him in to the world.

"Alicia Keys Says Her Forgetful Husband Keeps Forgetting Where She is!"
Trash! No, that's the Car Keys.

"McDonald's Loses Big Mac Trademark!"
Truth! In Europe that is... but still! The decision by the European Trademark Office means anyone in the EU can now use the name Big Mac. Burger King already is and has a sandwich called "Anything but a Big Mac!"

"Tom Brady Says He Plans to Keep Playing Until He is 50!"
Trash! Nope. Until he's 60. Why retire early?

"Girl Scout Troop Leader Steals Girl Scout Cooke Money!
Truth! To the tune of around $1,100. Troop 80062 leader Jessica Medina told police the money had been stolen but after further investigation, they no longer believe her. She's also been removed from her post.

"Police Asking for Volunteers to Be Tased!"
Truth! In Chenoa, Illinois, the Chenoa Police Department are undergoing their annual Taser training and are looking for members of the public who are willing to volunteer for the experience. Volunteers must sign an exposure waiver to participate.

"Your Sweetheart Really Doesn't Want a Valentine's Day Gift!"
Trash! If you believe that, we give up.


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