BTS to Present at the 2019 Grammy Awards. After months of hard work that resulted in blood, sweat and tears, BTS is officially named presenters for the 2019 Grammy Awards. The K-pop group may not have gotten a direct nomination for their numerous hits, but they will definitely be making an appearance at the 31st Annual Awards, E! News can confirm. No word yet on which category the "Idol" singers will be presenting, but fans are overjoyed to hear that the group will be getting their much-deserved moment in the spotlight. Their millions of fans were disappointed to learn that the stars were only nominated for Best Recording Package, which is basically a nomination recognizing their album Love Yourself: Tear artwork. If the men win, they will take the stage with art director HuskyFox. In the Best Recording Packaging category, which is the 65th category, they are going up against St. Vincent's Masseduction, Mitski's Be the Cowboy, the Chairman's The Offering and Foxhole's Well Kept Thing. The show will be hosted by The Voice's Alicia Keys and will have performances by Post Malone, Miley Cyrus and so much more. (Eonline)

French Montana announces Las Vegas residency. As usual, Cardi B has started a trend. The rapper announced in January that she was to become the first rapper to get a Las Vegas residency. And on Monday, fellow rapper French Montana announced that he's also going to have a Sin City residency of his own. Montana's "Unforgettable" two-year extended stay will be at Drai's, according to the club. He'll start later this month. The club's calling the deal an "international residency," because he'll also do shows at its Dubai outpost. Drake has also recently announced that he'll be doing a Vegas residency. (PageSix)

Black Eyed Peas rapper, Taboo, says Adam Levine & Co. aren't special because everyone who does the Super Bowl halftime show gets destroyed ... so there's no need to hang their heads. We got Taboo at LAX Monday -- as he returned from ATL -- and he dropped some knowledge about playing at the big game. He calls it an unwinnable situation for ANY artist. Remember, BEP performed 8 years ago at Super Bowl XLV ... so, he speaks from experience. Taboo says he and his bandmates got eviscerated for, what some critics called, an uninspired performance with a lot of shouting into mics and not enough dancing. TBH, it was a lot of the same criticisms Maroon 5 is now getting. On top of their music getting picked apart ... Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi had all the added flak from Colin Kaepernick supporters -- not to mention the memes about Adam's tattoos and wardrobe. So, where IS the love? Not at LAX! (TMZ)

You Need to Hear Sophia Grace's Cousin Rosie McClelland Sing. In case you forgot, Sophia Grace's cousin, Rosie McClelland, can sing. The former child star, who rose to fame after appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with her cousin Sophia, is all grown up. It's been nearly a decade since the pre-teen performed on DeGeneres' show with her outgoing cousin, but that doesn't mean she's not working on her music career. The British star recently showed off her singing skills on Instagram when she covered Jess Glynne's empowering single, "Thursday." Rosie's song choice couldn't be more fitting to cover, considering she "feels the song was almost made for her." "Rosie chose this song as she loves the lyrics and feels the song was almost written for her," the 12-year-old star's rep tells E! News. "The song is about always being taught to be yourself and never change for anyone!!" For the star, it's not every day you hear a song about going makeup-free, which she appreciates. Her rep tells us, "Rosie's favorite line to sing was 'I won't wear makeup on Thursday / I'm sick of covering up.'" Adding, the star feels, "no songs ever talk about not wearing makeup, it's always about actually wearing it." Just because the 12-year-old star is covering her favorite songs, doesn't she's not working on her own music. "Rosie is currently writing with a team of song writers and producers in Los Angeles that wrote her song, "Handstand," her rep tells E! News. "She will be recording her second single in L.A. this summer." The rep notes, "Her family is so proud of all she is achieving inside and outside of school, and still remains grounded!" The British star's cousin, Sophia, released the rap song, "Can't Sleep," back in January. "People saying they want me to be the same I was before and it annoys me because I'm not that person anymore," the now 15-year-old said in the beginning of her music video. "They always ask me to go back to how I was, but I'm different and that's not who I am, so I want to show people I'm a different person now and I've changed...because everyone changes." While Rosie is taking a different approach to her music than her cousin, one thing is clear: they are both killing it. (Eonline)

Beck Performs Lush 'Tarantula' Backed by LA Philharmonic, Feist, Bat For Lashes on 'Late Late Show'. Cuarn, Beck performed "Tarantula," a song inspired by Cuarn's award-winning film, Roma, on Monday night (Feb. 4). Beck took to the warm-hued stage to perform the musing ballad, but he wasn't alone -- Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel accompanied him, as he conducted a 20-piece orchestra featuring members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Beck also had a masterful group of backing vocalists, including Feist's Leslie Feist, Natasha Khan (Bat For Lashes), Inara George and Alex Lilly, as well as pianist Jason Falkner and percussionist Ilan Rubin. "I'm living but I'm feeling numb, can see it in my stare/ I wear a mask so falsely numb, and I don't know who I am/ Despite the worlds inside of me, cruising me away/ I've noticed in others' eyes, the time's closing in," Beck sang, emoting the track's introspective lyrics. The impressive setting lent itself to the classical feel of the song, which will appear on Roma's upcoming soundtrack, Music Inspired By The Film Roma, due out on Feb. 8. (Billboard)

Diplo's Mad Decent Publishing Signs to Joint Venture With Big Deal Music Group. Diplo's Mad Decent Publishing has signed a joint venture Deal with Big Deal Music Publishing, the company announced on Tuesday (Feb. 5). Under the terms of the agreement, Big Deal with administer songs for Mad Decent and the two companies will team to jointly sign new talent. The widely popular artist, producer and DJ launched Mad Decent as a record label in 2006, since expanding the vision to form a cultural hub and live music brand with the popular Mad Decent Blockparty. The publishing company was formed with Diplo's manager and business partner Kevin Kusatsu, and counts among its most recent successes Mad Decent songwriters Picard Brothers' contribution to the Mark Ronson hit "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart," featuring Miley Cyrus. "We're always looking for partners who have a history of taking chances artistically and making them count and Mad Decent is known for just that," said Jamie Cerreta, co-founder and executive vice president of Big Deal, in a statement. "Kevin and I have been great friends for years, and it's been fun to watch him and Wes build this great business and creative platform for innovative talent. It just seems very natural and super exciting to finally get to work together and build something special." Added Kusatsu, "Partnering with Big Deal gives us the best environment to be effective publishers and A&R people." (Billboard)

Big Boi's Super Bowl halftime performance is drawing penalty flags -- not for the music (see Maroon 5) -- but for his fur coat, which PETA wants to take off his back and donate to the homeless. We've learned PETA fired off a stern letter Monday to Big Boi, even addressing him by his real name -- Antwan -- like a disappointed parent. In the letter, the animal rights group tries to convince the Outkast rapper to retire all of his furs and switch to faux. PETA says it knows exactly what to do with Big Boi's luxury fur -- which it believes to be fox -- offering to distribute it to homeless shelters in America or Syrian refugees. Taking it a step further, PETA says it's sending him a "gorgeous" faux fur for him to flaunt. PETA tells us a coat the size of Big Boi's costs an estimated 25 red foxes their lives and points out the animals are electrocuted or have their necks broken ... purely for fashion. We've reached out to Big to confirm his coat was genuine fur, but no word back. PETA says it hasn't gotten a response from him yet either. (TMZ)

Sebastian Bach Slams Adam Levine's Super Bowl 2019 Show After Feud: His Act 'Is Way More Dead Than Rock Will Ever Be'. Not impressed. Sebastian Bach slammed Adam Levine's Super Bowl 2019 halftime show performance after the "Girls Like You" singer dissed rock music. "Whatever he was trying to do on stage tonight is way more dead than Rock will ever be," the 18 and Life on Skid Row author, 50, wrote on Twitter on Monday, February 4, of Levine's shirtless act at Super Bowl LIII on Sunday, February 3. The rock legend has been feuding with the Maroon 5 frontman, 39, since November, when the Voice judge gave an interview with Variety Opens a New Window. magazine in which he dismissed the genre entirely. "Rock music is nowhere, really. I don't know where it is. If it's around, no one's invited me to the party," Levine said at the time. He continued: "All of the innovation and the incredible things happening in music are in hip-hop. It's better than everything else. Hip-hop is weird and avant-garde and flawed and real, and that's why people love it. ... My goal is to make songs that don't sound dated 10 years later. My main criteria for a song is, 'Can I live with it forever?' And if I can't, I just don't have the heart to do it. It's that simple." The Gilmore Girls alum was quick to clap back with a zinger aimed at the Grammy winner. "Rock music is nowhere, but when you want your team to win The Voice, you choose the song 'I Remember You,' he wrote on Twitter Opens a New Window. on December 1, adding, "You're welcome." (Levine's team contestant Amber Carrington sang the song by Bach's former band, Skid Row, in 2013, and told TVLine Opens a New Window. in June 2013 that it was "one of Adam's favorite songs.") Other musicians, including Slipknot's Corey Taylor and Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, also took issue with Levine's comments. "Just because you claim to have 'Moves Like Jagger' doesn't mean you come anywhere CLOSE to ROCKING like Jagger. Tell that schmuck to go back to The f--king Voice," Taylor, 45, tweeted Opens a New Window. in November. Snider, 63, recalled a conversation the two previously had Opens a New Window. in which Levine admitted to furthering his career through rock, writing, "Hey @adamlevine remember when you were young & went to clubs & small venues & stuff? That scene is alive & well & you would be STUNNED by the talent & passion that is out there! You told me the 1st song you sang that set you on your path was 'I Wanna Rock,' right? #NeverForget." While the "Wait" crooner has yet to respond to Bach, he did reply to a fan that called him "narrow-minded" on Instagram Opens a New Window. in December with a lengthy comment. "When it comes to nostalgia and history, some of the best songs ever written were all rock and roll all the way ... in the quoted section that you ripped out its context and posted, of course my words look pretty narrow minded," he wrote. "I was simply alluding to the fact that the old version of rock and roll hasn't evolved much in many many years. ... Maybe you're the one whos too narrow to realize that hip hop IS the new rock and roll. Travis Scott IS the new punk rock. But you're just a punk. I didn't get to where I was by having a narrow view of musics [sic] broad and sophisticated landscape. So, spare me the 'rock and roll will never die' s -- t. Just makes you sound like a dinosaur, bro. Rock on." (UsMagazine)


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