On this date in 1587, Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded after conspiring to kill her cousin, Queen Elizabeth.

The Monty Python version was much funnier.

Besides losing her head, she wasn't invited to any more family events.

As her sentence was carried, her dad was heard to say, "But they're cousins. Identical cousins and you'll find... they look alike, they laugh alike, at times they even talk alike... you could lose your mind!"

A guy by the name of Simon Willard invented the Banjo Clock way back in 1802. It was one of the biggest innovations since the cast-iron toupee.

William Sherman was born in 1820. He was the guy that coined the phrase, "War is hell!" What is rarely reported is that after he said it, a private pointed down and said, "It's down thar!"

In 1837, for the only time in history, the U.S. Senate chose the vice president of the United States, selecting Richard Johnson after no one candidate received a majority of electoral votes. And you thought you didn't care about the last election.

On this date in 1883, Louis Waterman invented the fountain pen, the perfect device for people who enjoyed writing in fountains. The trick was writing with it and not spilling the water out of the fountain. Plus, the darn thing was so heavy.

In 1910, the Boy Scouts of America was incorporated. Congrats on 108 years of scouting.

President Warren G. Harding installed the very first radio in the White House in 1922. Wow, "installing" a radio. That was back when radio installers said they'd be at your house sometime between 9am and 5pm.

On this date in 1924, the first execution by lethal gas in the U.S. takes place at the Nevada State Prison in Carson City. At first, they blamed the dog.

In 1926, the Walt Disney Studios were formed. It did pretty well, for a Mickey Mouse operation.

On this date in 1936, Denver reached it's all-time lowest temperature: minus 30-degrees below zero. It was so cold...

You had to break the smoke off your chimney.

Police yelled at a robber to "freeze" and he did!

Your shadow would stick to the sidewalk!

The flashers were just showing pictures.

In 1977, a 5.0 earthquake hit San Francisco. At first, there was collective laughing and then someone said, "Pfffffff... you call THAT an earthquake?"

On this date in 1980, President Carter proposed a military draft that included women as well as men. It was known as the "When hell freezes over" proposal.

In 1983, an Arizona man with 105 wives was convicted of bigamy. He had to take the insanity defense. Just had to...

On this date in 1983, a man in Arizona was convicted of bigamy and having 105 wives. He also set the world record for the most amount of time never being right.


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