Sarah Michelle Gellar knows when she returns home to her kids after the Super Bowl she better come bearing gifts. The actress, 41 -- who stars in Olay's Super Bowl LIII commercial, a horror movie spoof titled "Killer Skin" -- says her kids Charlotte, 9, and Rocky, 6, were upset to learn they would not be joining her at Sunday's big game. "They're mad at me because I'm at the Super Bowl, seeing Maroon 5 and sitting with Aly Raisman -- my son is livid that I'm at the Super Bowl, my daughter is livid that I'm with Maroon 5 and getting to meet Aly Raisman," she tells PEOPLE. "I'm pretty much persona non grata." The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star, who has been married to Freddie Prinze Jr., 42, since 2002, says she does have a plan on how to get back into her kid's good graces. "I am walking over to the NFL store because I'm gonna try and bribe my family with gifts," she jokes. Gellar says she recently also got a hilarious reaction from her kids after telling them she had just flown on the same plane as actress Emily Blunt. "I told my son, 'Mary Poppins was sitting next to me on the airplane' and my son goes, 'Mom, there's no Mary Poppins,' he's like, 'It's an actor who plays her, it's a character,' I'm like, 'Okay, I get it, thank you 6-year-old Rocky. I get it,'" says Gellar. She adds, "It was just the funniest. They grow up so fast." Super Bowl LIII against the Los Angeles Rams and Tom Brady and the New England Patriots is airing live on CBS. (People)

Daddy's girl. Kylie Jenner's daughter, Stormi Webster, couldn't help but giggle while watching Travis Scott perform at the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday, February 3. The Lip Kit mogul, 21, posted a video of her little one shortly after the performance, which was headlined by Maroon 5, at Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium ended. "PRICELESS," Jenner captioned the footage, which showed the 1-year-old wearing a tie-dye hoodie and giggling while watching her father take the stage. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star could also be heard giving a small chuckle. The reality star sent fans into a frenzy the day before the big game, captioning an Instagram post of herself hugging the rapper, "Baby #2?" She quickly debunked the rumors, replying, "No lol," after someone questioned if she was pregnant. The musician gave a sweet shout-out to Stormi during his pre-Super Bowl performance on Friday, February 1, which marked Stormi's first birthday. "Happy birthday, Stormi, in here," Scott said from the stage during his set at the Planet Pepsi party at the Georgia Freight Depot. Earlier in the day, Scott posted a cute note in honor of the baby's big day. He wrote: "ITS [sic] MY QUEEN ,MY HEART, MY AIR , MY EVERYTHING. STORMI'S BIRTHDAY TODAY. I LOVE U SO MUCH BABY. U THE SMARTEST AND LOVING BABY EVER. UR SPIRT KEEPS ME GOING EVERY DAY ME AND UR MOMMY LOVE U AND CANT WAIT TO SHARE MORE BEAUTIFUL DAYS WITH U. HAPPY BDAYY STORMIII LETS [sic] RAGE." The Kylie Cosmetics CEO, for her part, posted a message of her own. "How did i get so lucky to have such a sweet, smart, happy baby," she captioned a series of photos and videos on Instagram at the time. "I just couldn't have dreamt you up, storm. I wish you could stay this little forever and i could protect that contagious smile and laugh of yours. I know you won't remember much about the first year of your life but i pray that you'll never forget to keep sharing your joy and laughter with the world. My love grows for you a thousand miles a minute. Every day with you is the best day of my life. Happy birthday to my angel on earth." While the couple welcomed their first child on February 1, 2018, the birth wasn't announced until Sunday, February 4 a.k.a. Super Bowl Sunday. (US Weekly)

How'd Kevin Hart get by Super Bowl security to party with the Patriots on Sunday?? Robert Kraft's son had to personally vouch for him!!!! It all went down on the Mercedes-Benz Stadium turf after New England beat the Rams ... when the comedy icon was held up on his way to the confetti party. The video is great ... Hart thinks security is just jokin' around not letting him through the gates -- when he suddenly realizes they ain't!!! Kevin tries to crack a couple jokes to get through ... but still no dice!!! Enter Patriots president Jonathan Kraft ... who rolls up to security to save the day -- telling everyone, "He's good! He's good! And, his wife!" If this all feels familiar ... it's 'cause it is -- remember last year Hart was denied the chance to head up to the stage to celebrate the Eagles' Super Bowl championship??? For his part ... Kevin was able to joke about the whole thing afterward -- penning a social media post with a bunch of laughing emojis. Good times. (TMZ)

Rihanna Trolls In-Flight Passengers Wanting to Watch the Super Bowl. While millions of people tuned in to watch the 2019 Super Bowl, Rihanna could not have cared less. In fact, RiRi took to Instagram on Sunday to troll a few passengers who wanted to watch the big game onboard their flight. In a video shared to the app, Rihanna's fellow passengers can be heard discussing how much time was left until halftime and whether they could watch the game on their phones. However, it looks like the nine-time Grammy winner had no interest in taking part in the football festivities. "How can we watch [the] Super Bowl on the flight?" the "Umbrella" singer captioned her footage. She then added the word "Me" and let her unamused facial expression do all the talking. She then shared footage of a fellow passenger peeking over and wrote, "weirdo." Just in case there was any confusion as to whether she was interested in the Patriots versus Rams face-off, Rihanna shared another post to make her point perfectly clear. "For those of you who thought I was watchin the Super Bowl... We beefin," she wrote alongside an image of Colin Kaepernick. Even though Rihanna wasn't into the football game, her fashion game was on point. The star traveled in style and wore a pink jacket, big sunglasses and a little bling. While Rihanna wasn't interested in the Super Bowl, there were several celebrities who were. The New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams 13 to 3. (Eonline)

If you're wondering when Lisa Vanderpump's relationship with the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" castmates went down the toilet ... look no further than Dorit Kemsley's dog. Sources say the ongoing feud between Lisa and the castmates started back in September because some Housewives believe Lisa planted a story accusing Dorit of giving up a dog she got from Lisa's rescue biz. We're told the cast thinks Lisa went all holier than thou -- putting out the story while simultaneously denying it and playing peacemaker. You'll recall, we caught up with LV a day after the story broke. We're told the clip set off such a crap storm between the ladies, it will be referenced in the upcoming season of 'RHOBH.' Our sources connected to Lisa denied she had anything to do with the Dorit dog drama, and they maintain that to this day. We're told she only decided to talk to our photog in an attempt to set the record straight and protect Dorit. It's been downhill since then. As you know, 'RHOBH' cast members have felt Lisa's isolated herself from them. For her part, LV's said she wasn't as involved in season 9 because of her brother's sudden death. Of course, the latest brouhaha came this week after Kyle Richards says she misinterpreted a pap's question about Lisa not attending Andy Cohen's baby shower. (TMZ)

Sharon Tate's flesh and blood is not down with the California Parole Board's recommendation to free Manson Family member Leslie Van Houten, but she's hopeful Cali's new Governor will do the right thing. Debra Tate, Sharon's sister, tells TMZ ... says it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the "Manson Family" killer was evasive and coached during her parole hearing. The Board said Thursday members feel she's been rehabilitated and deserves to be freed. 69-year-old Van Houten murdered Rosemary and Leno LaBianca back in 1969, the day after the slaughter at Sharon Tate's house. Debra's asking the California Governor, Gavin Newsom, to "do the right thing" and put the kibosh on her parole. Newsom's predecessor, Jerry Brown, reversed the parole board's recommendation that Van Houten be released last year, just as he did in 2016. Debra also once again applauds Quentin Tarantino's upcoming film, "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" ... which centers around the Manson Family murders of her sibling and her friends. She tells us she fully endorses the project -- in which she's been heavily involved -- and encourages people to see it for themselves ... because it's not what you think. As we know ... she also loves the casting choices. (TMZ)

'Love & Hip Hop' star Yandy Smith-Harris was on the front lines of protests taking place in NYC over inhumane prison conditions -- and she got pepper sprayed in the process. The reality TV star -- whose husband, Mendeecees Harris, is currently locked up in the New York prison system -- led a rally Sunday outside of Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center ... where inmates have reportedly been without electricity and heat for days now. It's a remarkable scene. Yandy uses a speaker system to ask prisoners if they've been given blankets or if their toilets work yet, to which they respond no by banging on the windows. Later, you see Yandy and other protesters rush the building, demanding to see their loved ones ... only to be driven out by pepper spray from the guards inside. Protests have been going on since at least Saturday, if not earlier, as families of prisoners have flooded the streets near MDC, demanding supplies be sent and that the power system quickly be restored. Prisoners have been using flashlights to signal for help at night. The Federal Bureau of Prisons says a fire destroyed an electrical panel inside and prevented access to backup generators. It's unclear when power and heat is set to be back on. The civil unrest did not go unnoticed on a city level. Mayor Bill de Blasio said Saturday that blankets and hand warmers were being sent to the prison, no matter what. As to how bad conditions inside really are, law enforcement sources directly connected to MDC tell us inmates have been peeing in water bottles and using those for warmth. We're told prison officials have been hesitant to let prisoners out of their cells out of fear for potential riots. UPDATE: Lights have reportedly begun to come back on inside MDC, which got crowds still outside to cheer. (TMZ)

He tried. He failed. A New England Patriots fan tried to sneak into the team locker room celebration after the Super Bowl by taking a security officer's jacket and trying to blend in ... but he got caught. Several people recorded video as the ACTUAL security team realized there was a FRAUD in their midst. You can see the real security team question the faker -- and demanding he fork over the jacket immediately. Atlanta Police Dept. officers were called over to help as the man tried to explain himself -- saying someone had given him the jacket ... but he never ID'd his alleged accomplice. At one point the man tried to walk away from the situation, but he was stopped by officials who were trying to identify the man. He was a wearing a badge so it shouldn't be too hard. APD tells us stadium security handled the incident and they're not sure if the man was arrested. We're working on it ... Of course, the Patriots have had locker room issues in the past -- investigators found that former TV reporter Mauricio Ortega had been habitually stealing items from Super Bowl locker rooms for years ... including a game-worn Tom Brady jersey. (TMZ)


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