• Peter Jackson is going to make a documentary of the Beatles using all kinds of previously unseen footage. He'll be using the 55 hours of in-studio footage initially filmed by director Michael Lindsay-Hogg for the original 1970 film, "Let It Be."
  • In Iran, walking your dog in public or taking it in your car with you is now illegal. They feel it's a sign of Western culture. Owning a dog should be forbidden, they say, because Islamic teachings say that dogs are "najes" or "untouchable" because they are dirty.
  • Ariana Grande has had her hand tattoo fixed. It now actually features Japanese symbols that say, "7 Rings." The initial tattoo said, "Barbecue Grill."
  • Wesley Snipes, Kevin Smith and Corey Feldman were among those who came out for a Hollywood memorial service for the late Stan Lee on Wednesday.
  • They're doing another Batman movie in 2021, but Ben Affleck will NOT be back as the caped crusader.
  • Joining the broadcast last night for the Lakers/Clippers game in Los Angeles, Billy Crystal.
  • "Gone with the Wind" is returning to movie theaters for limited showings on February 28th and March 3rd.
  • We're learning so much during this mega freeze in the Midwest. Now folks in Chicago are experiencing "frost-quakes" or "Firenado's" which occur when the water underground freezes and expands causing the soil and rock to crack.
  • Days before the big Super Bowl game in Atlanta, 33 people were busted for sex trafficking.
  • Thieves in Seattle have started drilling holes in gas tanks to steal gas that way. Really?
  • A 3-camera iPhone is said to be coming your way soon.
  • Actor Richard Grant wrote a fan letter to Barbra Streisand and she finally responded -- 47 years later! He wrote the letter to her when he was 14-years-old.
  • A study says children as young as 10 are dealing drugs in Dublin, Ireland.


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