• A a new possible title for "Star Wars IX" just hit the Internet, and it sounds like a great choice: "Balance Of The Force."
  • Beto O'Rourke says he will decide by the end of the month if he's going to run for president.
  • This year's Oscars will be officially hostless. For only the second time in Oscar history. The Oscars are on February 24.
  • Jennifer Lawrence is now an engaged woman. She said yes to art gallery director, Cooke Maroney.
  • NBC has decided to cancel the live musical "Hair," which was originally scheduled to air May 19, after Fox's "Rent" hit record lows. The network says it will still consider broadcasting live musicals in the future.
  • Sofia Vergara has launched her own line of Sofia jeans.
  • President Trump's State of the Union speech went 82 minutes long. The longest State of the Union speech since Bill Clinton in 2000.
  • Fortnite players are freaking out about occasional earthquakes showing up during their gaming.
  • R. Kelly is ignoring all the hoopla and accusations and has announced an overseas tour.
  • J-Lo and Alex Rodriguez have just celebrated their 2-year anniversary together. Pay up!
  • Still trying to figure out why Melania Trump was only wearing one glove.
  • Actress Dayanara Torres-Mark Anthony's ex-wife-is recovering from her second surgery for skin cancer.
  • Several New England Patriots have already said they're out when it comes to a visit to the White House.
  • A new electric Harley-Davidson won't require having a motorcycle license.
  • A Texas man was killed when his vaping pen exploded while he was using it.
  • A new poll says 6 in 7 Americans are satisfied with their personal lives.
  • The Grammy Awards are this Sunday. Hosted by Alicia Keys.
  • Modern Family has one more season left in them. Everyone is going to be back this fall for an 11th and final season.
  • Susan Lucci said she was a heart attack waiting to happen and had 90% blockage when she went in to have two stints implanted last October.


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