The shortest month of the year begins today!

It's Groundhog's Day Eve! Do you check your shadow on Groundhog's Day Eve or Morning? Somewhere, a ground hog is doing his stretches, getting ready for his big day tomorrow.

Former One Direction singer Harry Styles turns all of 25 today. Mid-way to 50. I always thought his name sounded like a Hollywood beautician.

Heather Morris -- Britney from Glee -- turns 32 today. I feel a song coming on.

Rapper Big Boi of Outcast turns 44 today. And for those of you curious, yes, he does wear Big Boi pants.

Elvis's little girl, Lisa Marie Presley hits 51 today. She's been married four times, including to the late Michael Jackson and Nicholas Cage.

Why would you marry Lisa Marie? Well its, one, for the money... two, for the show.

I can't help but think, if Elvis were still alive today, how many women would be making accusations about him?

Hey, if you're old enough to know her, you're old enough to know what a 45 is.

However, we're fast approaching the stage where I say "Elvis' daughter" and more people are thinking, "Elvis Costello has a daughter that old?"

Pauley Shore turns 51 today. Whatever happened to Pauley Shore? Nothing. He was always that way. I wonder how many times people have said over the years, "Why couldn't you take Pauley Shore instead?"

Sherilyn Fenn turns 54 today. She played the naughty Audrey a way back in "Twin Peaks." Today, she's making as many movies as Pauley Shore and Lisa Marie Presley combined.

Bill Mumy, the original Will Robinson in the TV series, "Lost in Space" turns 65 today. He may star in a reboot of the series, called "Lost my car keys in space."


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