Natalie Imbruglia turns 44. Is she going out or celebrating at home? As you know, she's "Torn."
Of course, being Australian, she turns 44 counter-clockwise.
She's the Australian singer whose name could wipe out your extra vowels if you were playing Scrabble.
Her biggest hit was "Torn"... about time to update it to "Worn."

Boxing's Oscar De La Hoya turns 46 today. When asked if all those years in the boxing ring affected him, he said, "Tuesday." He's always asked the question, "Boxer or Briefs." Of course, last time in the ring, he was a brief boxer.

Country singer Clint Black is 57 today. Or is it Clint Red? I heard red was the new black.

Alice Cooper is 71. He was thinking about making a comeback. Whether or not he would be successful? School's out.

Former vice-president Dan Quayle turns 72 today. He was the Joe Biden of his time. He didn't do much while in office, but he did get the nation to spell "potato" correctly.

Actor John Schuck turns 79 today. He starred as Herman in the short-lived series, "Munsters Today." Yeah, not enough to fill a scrapbook.

Dave Ketchum turns 91. He played agent 13 in the old "Get Smart" TV series. Or was it that he played agent 91 and he's turning 13? Never mind.


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