Johnny Knoxville turns 48 today. Yeah, I think everyone is surprised he's made it that long.
Knoxville, of course, named after the famous Tennessee town of Johnny.
He still has a lot of "Jackass" in him.
Every year, he has someone hit him in the stomach with a sledgehammer to make him blow out the candles on his cake.

Lisa Loeb turns 51 today. Years ago, she had the hit, "Stay"... and, that was it. Short story, but I'm running behind... so it worked out.

Mr. "Don't Worry, Be Happy" singer Bobby McFerrin turns 69 today. He describes himself as only slightly worried, but moderately happy. These days, he's singing, "Don't worry, be... uh, something." ("be 15! Bingo!")

Producer Jerry Zucker, one of the guys that gave us "Naked Gun" and "Airplane" turns 69 today. Surely, he can't be serious.


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