It was on this date in 1787 that Delaware became the first state to ratify the constitution.
That really went helped raise their level of fame. They went from Dela-who to Delaware.
You don't think of Delaware as a trend-setter, but there was a time.
I'm no history expert, but I believe it was because the states were doing it in alphabetical order. See, I told you I was no history expert.

On this day in 1835, the very first railroad in Germany opened, for those of you keeping tracks.

In 1842, The New York Philharmonic gives its first performance. Afterwards, the conductor was reported to have said, "An audience! That's what we forgot!"

At dawn on Sunday, December 7, 1941, six Japanese carriers launched a first wave of 181 planes composed of torpedo bombers, dive bombers, horizontal bombers and fighters against Pearl Harbor, on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Here's a look back at that terrible day, which spurred the U.S. to enter World War II:

The attack wasn't just on Pearl Harbor, but included other military installations on the island. Huge losses were also suffered at Hickam, Wheeler and Bellows airfields, Ewa Marine Corps Air Station, Kaneoshe Bay Naval Air Station and Schofield Barracks.

The attack by 183 Japanese planes began at 8:02 a.m., as most people were waking up for what they thought was a quiet Sunday.
Less than two hours later, 2,280 American servicemen and 68 civilians were dead, and 1,109 were wounded.
Eight battleships were damaged and five were sunk, while three light cruisers, three destroyers, three smaller vessels and 188 aircrafts were lost.
The USS Arizona went down only nine minutes after being hit by a 1,760-pound bomb. Killed in the horrendous explosion were 1,177 crewmen.
Things could have been even worse, if not for a goof by Japanese strategists. Their main targets were the U.S. fleet's aircraft carriers -- most of which were out of port that day.

In 1961 June Carter and Johnny Cash appeared in concert together for the first time in Dallas. Years later, concert goers said it was remarkable how much they looked like Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon.

On this date in 1973, the banana eating record was set at 17 in two minutes. The current record is held by J-Ball (aka Justin) in 2009 by eating 7.5 bananas pealed and eaten in one minute.
Sadly, as the winner was walking over to get his trophy, he slipped on a peel and was seriously injured.
The winner was someone with really bad leg cramps, just trying to get them to stop.
So, if you're looking to put yourself in the record books today, there's your challenge.
I'm surprised it took the grocery store two minutes to find him eating bananas before kicking him out.

In 1974, Ricky Fataar quit the Beach Boys, which came as a shock to a lot of people, especially those who had no idea he was even with the Beach Boys.

On this date in 1982, Texas switched from the electric chair to lethal injection. Same results, but at least their power bill did go down.

In 1984, South African President Tutu met with President Reagan. Reagan's first question: so, where's your ballet outfit?

On this date in 1993, the Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders suggested that the government study the impact of drug legalization. Some thought she was high.


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