• 85% of Americans over age 100 still alive today live in urban areas, in or near cities.
  • The average woman has a favorite piece of clothing for 13 years.
  • If you're average, you'll experience close to 400 paper cuts in your life.
  • An online poll revealed that 53% of people feel that by taking a class or group activity is the best way to meet someone.
  • 148 million people view weekly coupons during the week.
  • According to a recent survey of drivers all over the U.S., more than half said that seeing police lights in their rear view mirror is the most stressful thing they could encounter on the way to work.
  • A fear of being sued has led many cities to ban sledding.
  • 63% of people who like to vacation in the winter, said this would absolutely ruin their vacation. What is it? The boss calling.


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