You Big Silly! Barbershops Are for Haircuts!

Just a friendly reminder - barbershops are for haircuts, not laser surgery. In Palisades Park, New Jersey, Young Hwan Choi, the owner of the Shil La Barber Shop, has been arrested and accused of performing unlicensed laser surgery on a woman that left her badly injured. The official charges are aggravated assault and the unlicensed practice of medicine and surgery after the victim finally came forward to police. Choi allegedly conducted botched laser treatment on the victim's face in November 2017, according to authorities. The prosecutor's office released a statement stating: "The surgery caused significant bodily injury including scars, which were visible on the victim's face and chin." Meanwhile, the prosecutor's office said the investigation was continuing and asked anyone else who possibly suffered from similar treatments to call Palisades Park police. (

This Chicken's Kind of Rubbery

If your chicken seems a little rubbery there may be a very good reason for that. Tyson Foods is recalling 36,420 pounds of chicken nuggets after consumers reported that they contain "extraneous material, specifically rubber." The Food Safety and Inspection Service says that 5-pound packages of "Tyson White Meat Panko Chicken Nuggets," produced on Nov. 26, 2018, should be thrown out, though there have been "no confirmed reports of adverse reactions." The plastic packages have a use-by date of Nov. 26, 2019 and the case code 3308SDL03. They were shipped nationwide so could be anywhere. (Newser)

Yes - You Are Getting Tons of Robocalls!

Does it seem like you're getting lots more robocalls these days? That's because you are! A new report from spam-monitoring service Hiya found that Americans received about 26.3 billion robocalls last year. That's an astounding 46% increase from 2017, when the number was 18 billion. Some robocalls, like those that come from banks or those to notify you of a package delivery, are legitimate. But so many of the calls are spam calls. The report also found only about half of cellphone calls were actually answered. (Washington Post)

A Vulgar Bo-Biscuit

In Richlands, North Carolina, a Bojangles restaurant fired an employee after a deputy allegedly received a vulgar Bo-Berry biscuit! Daniel Pridgen, a sheriff's deputy in Jones County, was in uniform when he stopped at a Bojangles on his way home from work. Pridgen said he ordered roasted chicken bites at the drive-thru and was asked to pull forward and wait while they cooked. After 15 minutes passed, Pridgen walked inside the restaurant to find out what was taking so long. Pridgen said the person at the counter was apologetic and offered him complimentary Bo-Berry biscuits for his long wait. When the deputy got home, he opened the box and saw "F U" spelled out in icing letters on one of the biscuits. So he took a photo of the biscuit and posted it to his Facebook page. The post spread quickly, and he was contacted twice by the franchise owner who apologized profusely and fired the employee. (WRAL News)

We Have No Words

They say you find love in the strangest places. In Japan, Yuta Shinohara says he found his true love - with a cockroach. Yuta explained to Asian YouTube channel Asian Boss, how he bought the cockroach - lovingly named Lisa - from Africa and even had "naughty" dreams about her. But sadly, she died a year later and it was because he wanted her to "live forever" within him Yuta decided to eat the love of his life. Not as weird as it sounds because it turns out Yuta is somewhat of a bug connoisseur in Japan where he's made a name for himself in insect cuisine. He has organized events serving bug cocktails, insect pastries and ramen with crickets and mealworms. In an interview about his cockroach, Yuta said, "No human girl was as attractive as Lisa. Lisa was my first love." (Metro)

Wanna Go For a Boat Ride?

The Golden Globe is an annual around-the-world yacht race. This year it took out all but five of its 19 competitors. But after 211 days and 23 hours at sea, 73-year-old Jean-Luc Van Den Heede was crowned the champion - arriving five days ahead of the second place winner. But it wasn't all smooth sailing. He suffered a damaged mast in a storm in the Southern Ocean in November and considered heading to Chile for repairs that would disqualify him. But he said, "I have never abandoned a single race," so he completed the necessary repairs himself just before rounding Cape Horn. His win in the 30,000 mile race also set some new records. Van Den Heede became the oldest skipper to sail solo non-stop around the globe. Marking its 50th anniversary, what makes the Golden Globe such a special race is that sailors have to navigate without the use of any modern technology. They can only use paper maps and a sextant - that thing you see in old sailing movies that kind of looks like an elaborate compass. After all the trouble, Van Den Heede said he was dreaming of a bath, steak, and beer, in that order. (Yachting World)

Family Game Night

It was supposed to be a fun family game night - but police in Kansas City were called after a "victim got into an argument with his cousin during a game of Monopoly." According to police, the cousin's girlfriend then hit the victim and "shoved him into a mirror." The suspect fled the home before officers arrived on scene, and the victim "required stitches." But apparently this isn't all that unusual. Believe it or not, according to Hasbro, the game's manufacturer, the company set up a hotline back in 2016 designated to help deescalate Monopoly-related family feuds. Although no longer in use, the idea at the time was to have "experts on hand with the official rulebooks to instantly settle any disputes, and advise on how to resolve common complaints." (FOX News)


McDonald's locations in Sweden are getting a vegan upgrade to their menu. The fast food chain announced it will now start serving bite-sized falafel nuggets in the Scandinavian nation. The new "McFalafel" meal will be part of a vegan Happy Meal which includes apples, carrots or a small order of fries. The falafel will also come with one of two dips - a yogurt sauce with herbs or a vegan pepper dip. The falafel nuggets will be made with chickpeas, parsley, garlic and cumin. McDonald's locations across the Nordic region launched the McVegan burger in 2017. The sandwich exceeded industry expectations and added the first vegan option to the McDonald's locations in Europe. (Lebanese Examiner)

What the What?

Meanwhile, in Chenoa, Illinois, the Chenoa Police Department is looking for volunteers who wouldn't mind being shocked with department tasers. The officers are undergoing their annual Taser training and are looking for members of the public who are willing to volunteer for the experience. Volunteers must sign an exposure waiver to participate. And they're not kidding. (


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