Composer Lin-Manuel Miranda turns 39 today. He's so financially successful, he can actually afford tickets to "Hamilton."

Kate Moss turns 45 today. When it comes to her success, she got it from her jeans.

Singer Sade turns the big 6-0. One year for each of the ways her name is pronounced.
We've heard sha-DAY and Shar-day... either way, her full name is Sade Helen Adu.
If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have to keep denying that her song "Smooth Operator" is all about me. I don't have to deny hard, but I still have to deny it.
No "sh" in her name, yet everybody pronounces it. Then why isn't it shinger Shaday?

Scary movie director John Carpenter turns 71 today. He gave us "The Thing" and "Halloween." Yeah, he's the guy.

Jim Stafford, who gave us "Spiders and Snakes" and "My Girl, Bill," turns 75 today. I guess that's some kind of legacy to leave behind. It would make me want to not leave.

Country singer Ronnie Milsap turns 76 today. His biggest hit was "No getting over you" (so I guess I'll walk around). I made up that last part.

Racing legend A.J. Foyt has been around the track a few times. He's turns 84 today.


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