It was in 1571, the Royal Exchange opened in London. The first exchange was a lethargic Lord for an ambitious Duke and a prince to be named later.

On this date in 1789, Georgetown University was established. It was a respected institution for almost two centuries when the movie, "The Exorcist" was filmed there. Then heads really turned.

In 1845 that Congress decided all national elections were to be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.
Just to make sure it didn't interfere with any football games.
Of course they made it complicated -- what were you expecting?
They made the decision during their happy hour following the first drink of the month.

On this date in 1916, Montana set the world's record for a temperature change in 24-hours dropping from 44 degrees to 56 below zero.
That was an even bigger drop than my 401K back in 2007.
It was the kind of day when you built a fire and in no time at all, the flames would freeze.
It was so cold, people rubbed ice cubes together to stay warm.
That remained the biggest swing on record until Anne Heche.

In 1947, NBC broadcast the very first educational program.
Educational TV -- isn't that an oxymoron?
It was entitled, "Why are you wasting so much time watching TV?"
I think the name of it was, "That'll teach ya!" or "The Keys to Gooder English."
Actually, it was all about the dangers of watching too much TV.

On this date in 1957, American inventor Walter Frederick Morrison sold the rights to his flying disc to the Wham-O toy company, which later renames it the "Frisbee." He then set the world record for the most consecutive years kicking himself.

In 1960, the world's deepest ocean dive ever took place... going 35,820 feet into the depth of the ocean. The even better news: the captain got his sunglasses back!


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