We're exactly 11 months away from Christmas Eve.

Mischa Barton from "The O.C." hits birthday 33 today. I believe in the O.C. that 33 is the "Oh my God!" birthday.

Former Olympic Gymnast Mary Lou Retton is getting a 51 from the birthday judges today.
Most likely, she'll spend her big day swinging around bars.
She's almost got a year for every inch of height.
In her younger days, she did quite well hanging around bars... parallel bars, but still bars.
She is the living incarnation of "perky."

Matthew Wilder is 66. Only thing we know about him is that ain't nobody gonna break his stride. Starting to get into those years when you really don't want to be breaking things, including your stride.

Yakov Smirnoff turns 68 today. He's gotten to the stage where his name is funnier than he is. You'll mostly see him these days on the back of milk cartons.

Neil Diamond... bop, bop, baah... turns 78 today. (He feels so good, so good, so good, so good!) Everybody sing: "Viagra on the rocks... ain't no surprise."

Ray Stevens ("Everything is Beautiful," "The Streak") turns the big 8-0 today. He's not streaking as much these days.


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