On this date in 1547, Ivan the Terrible was crowned Czar of Russia. Or, as Charles Barkley calls him, "Ivan the turrible. Turrible."
It pleased him enough that he changed his name to Ivan not as Terrible as he once was.
Those who refused to perform at his coronation were executed. It was a different time.
He later went on to create his own show, "Dancing with the Czars."
He beat out his brother, Uri the Pretty Bad, Too, But Not As Bad As Ivan.
He of course was the inspiration for the movie, "A Czar is Scorned."

The late Ethel Merman was born on this date in 1909. She was a one-of-a-kind. As far as singers go, there was regular... and then there was Ethel.

On this date in 1920, the U.S. went dry as the 18th amendment went into effect and prohibition became law. From 3-6 every afternoon, most bars held "Unhappy Hours."

It was on this date in 1939 that DuPont introduced nylon fishing leader.
Some would have preferred going with the quart size, but they instead, went with the leader.
The tough part was getting the nylons on the fish.
Until that time, people could only use nylon fishing follower.
The tough part was the tying the panty hose on to your fishing line.

On this date in 1939 that Superman first appeared in a comic book. So, doing the math, that would make the Man of Steel 80 years old. Probably starting to get rusty. Of course, being about the man of steel, the comic weighed over 30-pounds.

In 1974, the book "Jaws" was published, giving the term "bite me" a whole new meaning.

On this date in 1985, Playboy announced they were ending their 30-year tradition of stapling centerfold models in their magazine and made the switch to binding. History-wise, this is more important to some than others.


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