Wilmer Valderrama, the world's oldest Fez, turns 38 today. He launched his career as Fez on "That 70s Show" and over is half-way to his 70s. Now he plays opposite of Gibbs on "NCIS."

Christian Bale turns 45... who plays Dick Cheney in 'Vice'. Are the stars aligned, or what?

Singer Jody Watley turns 60 today. Her name is most often used with the word, 'remember.' As in, "Remember Jody Watley?"

Brett Butler ("Grace Under Fire") turns the 61 today. Most recently, she played a bartender on Charlie Sheen's show "Anger Management." And, as you can imagine, bartending for Charlie Sheen is a full-time gig. Phil Collins turns 68 today. He's the second wealthiest drummer in the world. Ringo is number one. Like Rod Stewart and Eric Clapton, Collins is a model railway enthusiast.

Dick Cheney turns 78 today. All we know for sure about his birthday is that he won't be going to see 'Vice'.

Gene Hackman turns 89 today. (Trivia: He played Lex Luthor in three of the first four Superman movies with Christopher Reeve.)


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