HEADLINES - You Might Have Missed

  • Chinese Researcher Who Created World's First Gene-Edited Babies Now in Hot Water with Government! 
  • Florida Couple Watching Lunar Eclipse Run Over by a Car!
  • Chinese Company Chastised for Punishing Employees By Making Them Crawl on the Street! 
  • Florida Man Arrested For Threatening Neighbor with His Machete Named "Kindness!" 
  • Navy Submarine Commander Relieved of Duty for Bringing Ten Prostitutes Back to His Hotel Room!
  • World Gasps as Netflix Raises Prices $2 Bucks a Month! 
  • New Report Says Chocolate May Be the Best Thing For Your Cough!
  • Conspiracy Theorists Have Field Day with China's Moon Landing Claim!
  • Woman Throws $5,000 Funeral for Her Beloved Dog in England!


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