• 37% of drivers have had a "Baby On Board" sign in their car.
  • 12% of people have gone through a neighbor's trash.
  • According to a study, baby boys born in the winter have a better chance of being left-handed.
  • Slightly more than one in ten Americans went to one a yard/garage sale over the weekend.
  • According to an online dating service, one-third of women are more attracted to people who have a picture of their pet in their profile.
  • The average person take a bath 7,163 times before they die.
  • There were 15 Cross Fit gyms in America in 2005. Today, there are 9000 of them.
  • A new study is out that shows if you have trouble going to sleep, you should try doing this about an hour and a half before bedtime. What is it? Wearing sunglasses.


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