Ariel Winter, the youngest Dunphy daughter on Modern Family, turns 21 today. Her TV sister Haley hates birthdays because it involves math.

Elijah Wood turns 38 today. If you ever have a problem and wonder if a celebrity might help, just remember: Elijah Wood. A little trivia -- his first movie role was a bit part in "Back to the Future 2." When I think of him, I always think of "Lord of the Rings." I guess it's out of hobbit.

Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys turns 39. Joey Fatone of N' Sync turns 42 today. What is this -- Boy Band Birthday Day?

Sarah McLachlan turns 51 today.
Seems like the only time I hear her songs these days are during "Save the Pets" ads on TV.
Don't let her lead or we'll all be singing a long, slow, haunting version of "Happy Birthday."
She's got such a mournful sound, with that little warble in her voice. The first time I bought one of her albums, I took it back to the store three times before I realized it was supposed to sound that way.

Susan Howard turns 75 today. In her hey day, she was Donna Krebs on the first run of the TV series, "Dallas." Of course, she went on to become known as the woman who once played Donna Krebs on "Dallas."

Alan Alda, famous for the TV series "M*A*S*H," turns 83 today! Radar already sent a card for you.
Not quite the Hawkeye he used to be...
Seems odd seeing Hawkeye in readers.
He's one of the most famous "Hawkeyes" never to attend the University of Iowa.

Data Privacy Day -- an international holiday, which purpose it is to raise awareness and promote data privacy education.


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