"Guy Leads Police on High Speed Chase - Because He Always Wanted To!"
Truth! Yep, 24-year-old Dejuane Ramel Wilson led officers on a high-speed chase across three Southwest Virginia counties and later told them it was on his bucket list. I hope jail was also on his bucket list because that's where they took him.

"Zombie Pets Are the Next New Craze!"
Trash! How could a pet that barks, "Brains", possibly be a good idea?

"Head of Russia's Orthodox Church Says Cell Phones Are the Antichrist!"
Truth! Yep - bless his heart.

"New Startup Aims to Have First Live Birth in Outer Space!"
Truth! A startup in the Netherlands called SpaceLife Origin wants to send a pregnant woman 250 miles above the Earth so they can give birth to the first extraterrestrial baby in history, all in the name of science - of course. Their goal is 2024.

"Bananas can actually help you grow hair!"
Trash! We think. Then again, have you ever seen a bald monkey?

"Ford Unveils New Hybrid Police Cruiser!"
Truth! Ford's new Police Interceptor Utility is based on the 2020 Ford Explorer and 2020 Lincoln Aviator except that the police version will be all-wheel drive with 10-speed automatic transmission that was originally co-developed with General Motors.

"The Eagles Plan to Shave Their Heads and Tour as the Bald Eagles!"
Trash! Not until the Rolling Stones change their name to the Kidney Stones

"The New All-Pizza Diet!"
Trash! Oh, they have one, but you put on weight, not lose it.


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