On this date in 1487, the bell chimes were invented. So, even if you didn't know the names of the musicians, at least their hands rang a bell.
That led one ring announcer to yell out, "Let's get ready to marimba!"
I don't remember the inventor's name but his hands rang a bell.
It was just too darn hard to feed the cat chimes.
They led to the popularity of bells and soon the door honker was replaced with the door bell.
A much nicer way of knowing someone was at the front door.
We can't remember the inventor's name, but his invention rings a bell.

In 1649, England's King Charles I was beheaded by Parliament. That was back in the days when you said, "Heads are gonna roll"... and you weren't kidding!

On this date in 1847 the California town of Yerba Buena was renamed San Francisco. Hard to imagine that Rice-o-Roni was almost the Yerba Buena Treat.
Because "I left my heart in Yerba Buena" just didn't have the same ring to it.
A week later, the Yerba Buena 49ers followed suit.
Ironically, it was just the day after Tony Bennett had released his new song, "I left my heart in Yerba Buena."

In 1933, "The Lone Ranger" debuted on radio. Probably one of the most challenging premises ever -- a guy wearing a mask on the radio. That's like a radio magician. On this date in 1958, The first 2-way moving sidewalk went into service in Dallas, Texas. Once people figured out which side to walk on, it really sped up foot traffic.
After several people flew off, they decided to take it off "run" mode and allow people to just "walk."
Some guys wanted to hold out for the 3-way, but they were mostly ignored.
A short time later, a nearby store had the world's first moving sidewalk sale!
It wasn't an easy sell, running around, asking people if they'd be interested in a two-way.


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