• John Legend is taking swimming lessons. Somehow, he never learned.
  • Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter James Ingram has died. He was only 66.
  • A 14-year-old actually discovered that Group Face Time bug and his mom tried to warn Apple back on January 23.
  • L.A. Rams wide receiver Brandin Cooks made arrangements for the team's custodian and his son to attend Sunday's Super Bowl game.
  • A pop-up bar has been given the go-ahead to visit Denver this summer. What makes this particular pop-up bar so interesting is that it's made from over a million Lego's.
  • Some people in Chicago with really nice goose down jackets have been robbed at gunpoint... for their jackets!
  • In Minnesota, a "bipawtisan" group of lawmakers has introduced a bill to designate the Labrador retriever as the state's official dog breed.
  • You may have never heard of the singer, Kelsey Karter, but you'll know her when you see here. Probably the only singer out there with a Harry Styles tattoo on the right cheek of her face.
  • Patriots' star Rob Gronkowski says he hasn't touched a penny of his six-year, $54 million contract. He lives off of his endorsement deals and stashes his salary.
  • The average amount spent on food and decorations for a Super Bowl party is $81.17.
  • Forever stamps went up 5-cents last Sunday, to 55-cents. Forever is still forever, it'll just cost you 5-cents more.
  • In Seattle, the PCC grocery chain is removing all of their self-checkout scanners, because they want interaction with their customers.
  • After 38 years, Washington State is going to stop requiring emission tests for cars next year.
  • KFC is offering a Cheetos Chicken Sandwich-yep, a chicken sandwich with crunchy Cheetos stuffed in.
  • Nick Cannon is going to take over Wendy Williams show next week, as she recovers from a recent shoulder surgery.
  • We're hearing about quite a wedding down in South Africa, where the groom showed up... the bride arrived in her spectacular wedding gown... and so did the mistress. Everything you can imagine, ensued.
  • Ariana Grande got a cool new tattoo on her hand that was the Japanese symbol for '7 Rings' or, so she thought. It turns out the ink artist actually put the symbol for Barbecue Grill.
  • There's a list out there that claims to be all the winners from the upcoming Grammy Awards... although, the Grammy folks say the list is a fake.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is showing her skincare routine on Instagram.
  • Visa is saying that by 2025, the Super Bowl will be cashless.
  • The first vegan hotel room in England has opened up and contains no leather, wool, feathers or any animal products.
  • A California nurse is charged with illegally selling 20,000 opioid pills on the Internet, earning her hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow is being accused of hit and run on a ski slope at a Utah resort. The alleged victim says that $3.1 million will make it all right.


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