As of noon, we hit the half-way point of January, people.

Little "America's Got Talent" winner Grace Vanderwaal turns 15 today. She and her ukulele have done quite well.

Interesting to note that wrestler Kelly Kelly has a birthday today (32) and singer Lisa Lisa turns 52. I don't remember there being a last name shortage.

Singer Pitbull is 38 today. Whatever you do, don't wander into his yard.

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees hits the 40-year-line today. Not just a nice guy, he's also a Saint.

Chad Lowe turns 51. He's basically the not so successful version of Rob Lowe. He was the one Hillary Swank forgot to thank in her Oscar acceptance speech in 2000. Wow, was that really 19 years ago?

Singer Lisa Lisa turns 52 52 today.
She leads a very repetitive life. Plans to visit Walla Walla.
I wonder if life doesn't seem too repetitive to her.
She's planning a quiet day, putting up some of her famous Cult Jam.

Mario Van Peebles turns 62 today. He's an action movie star that, frankly, hasn't seen a lot of action lately.

Coochie-Coochie girl, Charo turns 68 today. She was the Sophia Vergara of her time. yes, she was quite the sex symbol in her day, or at least the invading Romans thought so.

Andrea Martin celebrates her 72nd birthday today. Her most recent role was that of Frau Bluecher (insert horse whinny here) in the Broadway production of "Young Frankenstein."

For the record, it's actually Dr. Martin Luther King's real birthday today. He would have been 90.


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