• Jason Reitman, the son of the original "Ghostbusters" producer and director Ivan Reitman, is going to do a new version of the movie.
  • One of the trends on the horizon: Smart shoes. Workout shoes that, with the help of an app on your phone, track your activity. Nike's new Adapt BB shoes allow your phone to adjust the shoe's fit and comfort. Oh, and it's self-lacing.
  • There are some who say that next Monday, the third Monday in January, is the most depressing day of the year. It's called the Blue Monday theory.
  • It also happens to be the Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday.
  • The pharmacies of Wal-Mart and CVS have gone their separate ways.
  • It must be that time of year: after 40 years, Bob Costas and NBC have parted ways.
  • Paris Jackson has entered a treatment facility for her emotional health.
  • Before Jeff Bezos, LA TV news anchor Lauren Sanchez once dated NBA star Derek Fisher.
  • Mariah Carey is suing her former personal assistant, who she claims is blackmailing her... wanting $8-million not to release some embarrassing videos of the singer.
  • Brie Larson, star of the upcoming "Captain Marvel" movie, has called off her engagement to Alex Greenwald after three years of wearing the ring.
  • There's a new website called, that allows you to at least send a furloughed worker a beer or two.
  • The President hosted NCAA Football Champs Clemson at the White House on Monday and served a fast food smorgasbord with items from Wendy's, McDonald's and Burger King, as well as pizza. 
  • Michael Strahan has invited the team to "Good Morning, America" and promises, if they come, he'll be serving lobster and caviar.
  • Justin Bieber and his new wife, Hailey, (they got married at a courthouse) have sent out a "save the date" to friends for February 28th.
  • While we've got snowstorms terrorizing our country back east, down in Australia, they're dealing with record high temps... like 120-degree days, in some areas.
  • New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has tossed her hat into the race for president in 2020.
  • In one small Spanish town, people are upset over the new statue that shows the devil taking a selfie. Ah, modern art.


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