On this date in 1634, Samuel Cole opened the first tavern in Boston, Massachusetts. Up until that time, they pronounced English words normally.
Now there's a founding father. Why isn't today a holiday?
Have I ever been there? Yes. Was it for the grand opening? No, but thanks for asking.
Now there's a forefather worth honoring!
And why isn't his picture on some money?
Back then, people couldn't wait for Happieth Hour.

The famous Boston Massacre took place on this date in 1770. I won't get into the gory deals, but the Yankees won, 43-2.

On this date in 1791, Vermont became our 14th state... not that there's anything wrong with that. It was our first green state before green was even green.

In 1793, President George Washington gave the shortest inauguration speech ever, when he sworn in for his second term. A mere 133 words.
The first time congress thought they were interrupting his speech for applause, he was actually done.
And that even included a couple of knock-knock jokes.
It's stuff like that that'll get you on the $1 bill.
It was for his second term and also the only speech in which the phrase, "Yada-yada-yada" was used.

On this date in 1841, the longest inauguration speech ever given was delivered by President William Henry Harrison. It was 8,443 words. If you sent it by e-mail, it would weigh at least 5 pounds.

In 1845, Congress approved $30,000 to ship camels to the western U.S. We don't know if they were regular or filter-tipped.

On this date in 1902, the Triple-A auto club was founded. Their first slogan was a little shaky: "If you've got the foot, we've got the tow."

In 1960, Lucille Ball filed for divorce from Desi Arnaz. Why? Let's just say he was the Tiger Woods of his time... he liked to play a round every now and then... but he didn't golf. It was known as "the day the Vitameatavegamin died."


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